Film Junk Versus Episode 2: Video Games vs. Movies

Welcome to episode number 2 of the Film Junk Versus Video Podcast! This week we tackle the centuries old debate…Video Games vs. Movies! That’s right, we look at these two massive forms of entertainment and try and figure out which one we’re more willing to shell out our hard earned dollars for. Will the interactivity of video games make the passive film going experience a thing of the past?!? Have a look for yourself! Check out the video below and join in the debate in our comments section.

  • Henrik

    The opening of this was definitely classic. Well done.

    I think movies win this one as well. Video games are hardcore entertainment. It seems that when they are not about shooting things up, or fighting things in strange and wondrous worlds, they basicly become boring. Games that are basicly real life are huge for some reason (The Sims, MMOPRG to some degree) but I don’t get the point. Movies can be close to real life, and still not be boring I think.

    A good game at this point, while being a great experience, I don’t think it compares to a good movie. If you take like the upper echelon, say your top 5 personal games and movies, at least I find the movies to not only be more resonant on a personal level, but also being a ‘better’ or more significant experience.

    But movies have been around for 100 years, and video games have been around for what? 20 years since pong?

    In another 20 years, they may well have overtaken movies intelligence-wise as well as entertainment-wise.

  • Ian

    I enjoy your versus segments and you really go the extra mile with the clever intros which is great. However it would be cool for you guys to start getting into some topics where there is more disagreement amongst your group so you can have some good debate.

  • Agreed, we’re working on brainstorming more suitable topics. Feel free to send any suggestions to!

  • brilliant intro. i love chopper’s first film debut. and boat vs. bridge – awesome!!

    video games aren’t for everyone, but it seems like movies are. i know many who say they hate tv, or they hate video games, but i can’t say i know anyone who doesn’t like movies. maybe a genre, but not movies as a whole.

    best video game based on a movie: little mermaid for nintendo.

  • The man

    Bull, you should have had Chin on this VS. One guy didn’t even play video games.

  • Henrik

    Actually having Chian on this one might not have been a bad idea. He is awesome when it comes to not surrendering an argument just because there are sensible points being made against it.

    Don’t throw Greg out though. There is room for all of you.

  • Good point on having Chian involved. We actually recorded a bunch of versus segments in a row one day so we didn’t really plan ahead very well. Maybe we’ll call on him for a rematch in the future… ;)

  • Henrik

    I thought that might be the case, I was going to leave a comment asking if those clothes had become VS. uniforms, but figured you probably just did them all the same day.

    Nice job on remembering to say ‘this week’ though ;).