79th Annual Academy Award Nominees Announced

The nominees for this year’s Academy Awards have been announced, and it looks like another musical (yawn) is dominating the list. Dreamgirls is the current frontrunner with 8 noms, followed by Babel with 7, and Pan’s Labyrinth and The Queen each with 6. So let’s talk surprises. Sacha Baron Cohen did not, in fact, get nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Borat, however the movie did get a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay. Huh? Adapted from what? The screenplay categories have long been the “consolation prize” for newcomers who haven’t yet paid their dues, but that is definitely a weird one. It’s also nice to see Paul Greengrass get nominated for Best Director for United 93 (although I’m sure he won’t win). Overall I’m satisfied with the list, but don’t have much else to say about it. What are your thoughts? Who deserves to win?

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  • I was pleasantly surprised by the number of nods for “Little Miss Sunshine” and the inclusion of Ryan Gosling for Best Lead. Other than that, fairly kosher but I’m also quite happy with the noms.

  • Goon

    dreamgirls leads but isnt nominated for best picture. interesting. i dont agree with Abigail Breslins “little miss sunshine” nomination at all – not that she was bad, but by “OMG CHILD ACTING!” standards it really isnt THAT great. Little Miss Sunshine in general doesnt deserve the nominations it has received. Its a decent comedy movie but if stuff like Ghost World and Eternal Sunshine couldnt get past that certain level i dont see how LMS did. could it be because it was well reviewed AND did business? i dont know.

  • It could also be because this was a weak year overall and there wasn’t much to choose from. There are certainly no overwhelming favourites. I am surprised The Departed only has 5 nominations.

  • Goon

    i dont think it was that weak. I think both Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth deserved the best picture nod more, and i’m actually surprised Dreamgirls didnt get a best picture nomination (based on the way the Globes went only)

    anyways, my predictions:

    picture: Babel – for the same reasons Crash won, i think hollywood falls for this sort of intertwined movie gimmick too easy, and it helps if the movie is actually good.
    actor: Whitaker – seems the type of role that wins awards
    supporting actor: Arkin – they’re free to hold to not so serious standards with this award
    actress: Mirren – i will be shocked if its anything but
    supporting actress: Barraza – i suspect Babel wont walk away empty handed
    original screenplay: Pans Labyrinth, would otherwise guess Iwo Jima but you know, Paul Haggis has had his oscar glory the last couple years, they’ll lave him alone this time
    adapted screenplay: The Departed, though id like to see Children of Men get it.
    animated feature: Happy Feet with the upset
    art direction: Pans Labyrinth
    cinematography: Children of Men not winning would be a crime, although it is among other great choices
    costume: Marie Antoinette – these movies are designed to win these awards
    Direction: Scorsese – because they want it for him so bad now. they love eastwood but like Haggis, he’s had his glory. passing over Eastwood is the new passing over Hanks or Crowe during their string of nominations/wins.
    documentary: An Inconvenient Truth – it doesnt matter how good the others are, there is no doubt in my mind. an upset here would be the msot shocking of the night, even more than Mirren not winning.
    editing: Children of Men
    Foreign Language Film: Pans Labyrinth

  • Henrik

    I hope Babel wins. I also think there is a good chance that Scorsese will win Best Director, and while I don’t think he deserves to, I am willing to get over it if he wins, because I will no longer have to hear about how robbed he’s been.

    I was a little surprised that Mark Wahlberg was the only acting nominee from The Departed. I do think it was the best performance, but everywhere else they have been nominating Leo and Jack.

    If Alan Arkin wins… I will strangle a puppy. That would be the worst decision in recent memory. I disliked the movie alot, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t win any awards, but I suspect it’s going to win the screenplay award. That usually goes to the quirky movies (Sideways, Eternal Sunshine).

    I thought Barraza was extraordinary, and the part was incredible. She should win I think, but the girl from Dreamgirls has pretty much cleaned house with the award. Haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t say wether or not it’s deserved. I think they are more likely to give the award to somebody who spoke in english, and who portrays a ‘strong’ female character, rather than somebody who is dependant on other people AND breaks laws.

    Don’t really care much for the rest, and have no idea who will win.

  • Goon

    you’re such a drama queen.

  • Henrik

    I have to say though, I’m glad Mads Mikkelsen newfound career in Hollywood was enough to get “After the Wedding” nominated. Even though it doesn’t stand a chance in the category, it’s nice to see the flag represented. It’s just a shame that this is the movie that finally gets nominated. Danish film has had alot of very, very good movies for the past 10 years (check out Open Hearts, my favourite – it has Mads Mikkelsen as well, so there’s a familiar face. Directed by the same woman who did After the Wedding).

  • Henrik

    How am I a drama queen? At least it’s a new insult I guess ;)

  • “actor: Whitaker – seems the type of role that wins awards”

    True but O’Toole has been nominated 8 times and in the previous 7 – no winds. I wouldn’t put it past the academy to give it to him just because of this. I haven’t seen “Venus” yet but it could be a possible upset.

    As for foreign film, as much as I liked “Pan’s Labyrinth”, I’m rooting for “The Lives of Others” all the way.

  • Henrik

    Going right past my head was the fact that Denmark has two movies nominated! Huge!

    Helmer & Son, which is a movie that has not been showed anywhere in the world apperently, is nominated for an Oscar in the short feature, live action category…

    Two nominations? Incredible. The show is so much more fun where there’s things to root for you know.

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