Download Film Junk Podcast for Jan. 21st, 2007

This week on the podcast we recount the enjoyable experience that was the Films 4 Food Fest in Hamilton, and count down the top 5 comic book movies we’d still like to see made. We also discuss Pixar’s new movie Wall-E, rumours of Rob Zombie delaying his Halloween remake, and we dissect trailers for Sunshine and Dead Silence. (And contrary to what I said at the very beginning of the podcast, we do not actually discuss the upcoming Kurt Cobain biopic! Oops.) Download the podcast below, and then please help Jay understand the advantages of cities with grid street systems!

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  • Matt Raimondo

    Holy shit, good picks Jay.
    Maus and Jimmy Corrigan are tow of my favs.
    I had to read Maus and Maus 2 for a 1st year and a 3rd year English course.

  • Henrik

    Well now I think I was avoided on purpose! Fuck you guys, I cry conspiracy.

    I can’t believe Jay didn’t like a horror movie. Was it not exploitational enough? Even though I am sorry for you watching a bad movie, it is actually pretty encouraging.

    Glad to hear the plugs are back.

  • Sorry I forgot to put a call out to anyone on Talkshoe for questions and comments before we ended the show. I think you must have been the only person in the chatroom Henrik, and I didn’t know it was you by the nickname I don’t think.

    I remember checking the chatroom and no one had typed any messages and no one was waiting in the queue to talk so I never bothered to ask. My bad. We’re still getting the hang of this stuff too though you know!

  • Henrik

    Yeah I was only there for the last 10-15 minutes or so. My nickname is “HenrikS” though, shouldn’t be that hard to figure out ;).

    There was somebody else in there… I don’t remember the nickname it had a bunch of numbers in it. I typed out “Did I miss the window?” when I got in, and “guess so :(” near the end.

    I’ll try and make next week. I don’t know how the call thing really works though. Do I have to pay to call the number with Skype? It’s a cool idea, even though the sound quality is much worse than when it’s out like this.

  • Goon

    my comic pick would be Scott Pilgrim, a canadian made comic series thats hard to describe, but combines ghost world style storytelling with video games and kung fu, etc. unique, would be hard to pull off. its been optioned with the same director as Shaun of the Dead rumored to be on it, but i dont know the progress on that.

  • thesnowleopard

    Enjoyed this show. Don’t read comics so can’t comment much.

    The Panel Discussion was interesting. Such a contrast betweeb John’s Team and Jay & Sean. Everyone seemed very polite and nice. I would have liked a bit more fireworks, some debate or arguments just to spice things up a little. Maybe next time.

    Who was it who gave A.I. as the worst film they had seen. I can’t remember. I hope it wasn’t you guys.

  • Henrik

    That guy was a douchebag. “Great potential, Spielberg and Kubrick teaming up!”

    I enjoyed the Panel Discussion as well. Sean chickened out though… I agree that the question was ridiculous but you should just have mentioned a movie that you think people should watch, be it your favorite or not.

    I was happy to hear questions about Transformers, the budgets of blockbusters and other solid topics. I do think there was something to it at points though, I enjoyed it. Just get rid of the guy who thinks Spielberg is the best directors ever (and the guy who thinks he is one of the top 3….*barf*).