Pixar’s Next Project Unveiled: Wall-E

There’s been plenty of talk lately about whether or not Ratatouille will be another blockbuster for Pixar this summer (which it will), but things have been pretty quiet regarding Pixar’s follow-up project, whatever it may be. The details I had heard so far were that Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life) would be directing, but now it appears that we have a title and the first image from the movie as well! In a letter to Disney shareholders this week, President and CEO Robert A. Iger unveiled… (are you ready for this?)… Wall-E!.

Well, I’m sure this picture will remind people of one thing and one thing only: Johnny 5, baby. Apparently the rumours of a Short Circuit remake weren’t complete bollocks after all. Seriously though, haven’t we already seen CGI robots recently… you know, in that Dreamworks movie, Robots? Why must these kids animated films always come in pairs? I don’t get it. I guess we really can’t judge based on a single image, but it does feel like retread territory, but at least we all know the 80’s revival is alive and well. Wall-E is heading for a June 2008 release, and a teaser trailer will most likely be playing with Ratatouille.

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  • Goon

    it looks like a Mars Rover. could it be something in space?

  • Bleh. It looks like the mongoloid offspring of Johnny 5 and an Easybake oven.

    Is it just me, or does the stain on the front-left look like a picture of one of the animators kids?

  • I also thought it was a mars rover. I think that could be cool if they take it into space.

  • Henrik

    I am not excited about this.

  • Goon

    yes yes Henrik – we remember the last thread. ugh. lets not repeat ourselves.

  • Henrik

    I was making a joke…