Film Junk Versus Episode 1: Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo

IndyWelcome to the first episode of the Film Junk Versus Video Podcast! It’s finally here! If you haven’t heard, this is the show where we pit two celebrities/movies/franchises/characters against each other in a battle to the death!

This episode features two iconic action heroes battling it out for the win. It’s the man in the hat fighting the Nazis versus the man in the vest fighting the Empire. That’s right, it’s Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo! This is the ultimate fanboy debate. Not only are they both great characters, but they’re played by the same man! You know, the guy from Witness. How will it end?!?!? Will Indy whip the shit out of Han Solo before he has the chance to shoot first? You’ll just have to watch the video below to find out! Heck, why don’t you just join in the debate in our mystical comments section!

Next week: Video games vs. Movies!

  • Henrik

    Awesome. I’m disappointed that Greg didn’t end off the show with something along the lines: “By the way… BOTH boxsets are available at HMV” though. The dog on the table? Never gets old.

    I gotta say I would pick Han Solo though. Yes he has the most annoying fans, but the movies are alot better. I rewatched the first Indiana Jones after I reached maturity and I couldn’t stand it. It reminded me of LXG. The last 60-80 minutes is just one 10-minute set piece action sequence after another, and I was ready to gouch my eyes out from all the high-octane pacing. I like Indiana Jones 3, but that’s it. I like the Star Wars movies better. Han Solo has a ship that flies in space, and that’s pretty cool. Cooler than a hat anyway.

  • Greg

    Damn it! I can’t believe I never thought to do a plug. That’s going to be a regular thing now, since Jay loves it so much.

    Next time we film one…..Plug City.

  • jackson main

    The fact is that Indiana is always stealing stuff for the museum but he really doesn’t like getting into wacky adventures he always seems pissed off about his exploits. Which I think will work well in the new movie if they make it. He’ll be really surly and grumpy.

  • Jacob

    Well even if han shot second he still dodged the headshot coming his way i mean honestly

  • rus

    What! If this is a true versus Han Solo would win – he’s a kick ass criminal that survives anything! He would shoot Indiana Jones first! He has out run the Galactic Empire for years while Indy was sitting on his ass in Boston. Han grew up on the streets…or stellar byways learning to survive from hustlers, crooks and bounty hunters. Indy was a professor’s son digging up the backyard trying to get attention from his old man. Han Solo has the baddest jalopy ever – the Falcon! And he tricked it out with belly guns, hyper drives and hidden NARCOTIC storage lockers. You won’t find Solo or Chewie shoving anything up their asses. Fuck the hat, Han has a vest! Plus an open collar disco shirt!