Courtney Love Okays Kurt Cobain Biopic

With all the musician biopics floating around Hollywood lately, there is at least one major life story that has been notably absent from any lists of upcoming productions, and that is the late Kurt Cobain, former frontman for Nirvana. Being that he was often called “the voice of a generation”, you can imagine that there’d be a lot of money to make from packaging his tragic suicide for the big screen. The only problem is that his wacky widow Courtney Love owns the rights to his estate and has steadfastly refused to sell out. Well… until now that is.

Reports have surfaced stating that Love recently acquired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven, a Kurt Cobain biography by author Charles Cross (who has also written Hendrix and Springsteen biographies). Love is now in talks with several studios to adapt it, and although there has been no mention of a director or a star as of yet, Love promises that “it will of course be [an] A list and high end film”. It will be interesting to compare this movie to Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, which was an unauthorized and partially fictionalized account of Cobain’s death. There is also a documentary coming out this year by AJ Schnack called Kurt Cobain About A Son. I still think Cobain will be a hard person to portray on screen… Michael Pitt got away with it by mostly just mumbling and hiding behind a mop of blonde hair. Thoughts?

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  • I’m not a huge fan of music biopics but Kurt holds a soft spot because I grew up listening to Nirvana and though I didn’t flock to his place of death, I clearly remember the fateful day when the world found out that he’d died. I’ll even admit to shedding a tear. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

  • jackson main

    I worried about this project already. For one thing I think it’s too early for there to be a bio pic on Kurt Cobain, give it another 10 years. Second of all Courtney Love is crazy and has an entire version of Kurt’s life in her head that is fictional, I have a feeling she’ll make it all about her and we’ll have some shitty fabricated echo of Sid and Nancy.