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Join us this week on the show for a rundown of our top 5 musicians turned actors, plus plenty of discussion about M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie, Mel Gibson’s fascination with easter eggs, and what could be the greatest TV show ever, Armed and Famous. We also take a look at Blades of Glory in the Trailer Trash segment, and lament the closing of our favourite movie theatre in St. Catharines. Gather round the fire and roast some weiners, it’s time for the Film Junk podcast! Subscribe to the podcast feed below (or if you have issues with commitment just grab the MP3 instead!).

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  • Matt Raimondo

    Hey guys, I noticed not only with the Podcast, but with some of the past articles, that there hasn’t been any mention of Tony Jaa’s “The Protector”. It’s being released on DVD this Tuesday and I think it’s well worth the watch. One of the best action movie’s in years, even if you don’t care for martial arts flicks. It delivers the straight goods; crappy story but there’s no more than 5 minutes of dialogue dividing each of the intense action sequences. The longest of these scenes is filmed in one shot, crazyness!

  • Matt Raimondo

    Except for the brief mention at the end of the podcast from Greg. It’s late…

  • Henrik

    I think Greg’s plugs are becoming the funniest part of the show.

    Not much controversy… Like I said before I would call in, but I’m not going to have my computer on 24/7, logged into talkshoe and just stay up all the time to check wether or not you started recording a podcast. Put a post up. And don’t say fuck you guys… It truly hurts.