Mel Gibson Asks Where’s Waldo? in Apocalypto

As if we needed more proof that Mel Gibson is officially off his rocker, check out this next story. Remember back when Mel Gibson inserted a still of himself in the trailer for Apocalypto? (If you don’t, watch the Apocalypto teaser trailer and fast forward to about the 1:45 mark.) Anyway, it looks like he’s added another easter egg in the theatrical cut of Apocalypto, and if you can believe it… it’s Waldo, of Where’s Waldo fame! This guy is completely mental. Anyone else and I would suspect tampering with the video, but with Mel Gibson I am pretty sure this is the real thing. Check out the embedded video below for the breakdown. (Thanks for the heads up Goon!)

[gv data=”_p_33lsohcA”][/gv]

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  • raz

    vid removed from youtube, dumbass.

  • doop

    its not his fault, dumbass.

  • I wanted to show the Clip to my girlfriends

  • xuc

    Gibson is an absolute psychopath.

  • Chuck Billy

    Lol, he’s a genius. XD

  • Hideto

    Haters gonna hate. Now this is humor. More movies need to do this.