Kanye West To Team with Larry Charles for HBO Reality Show

Just when you thought every marketable celebrity in the world had their own reality show, along comes Kanye West to try and carve out his own little niche in TV Land. Now I see you rolling your eyes out there, but wait just a minute! This untitled Kanye West project is currently being developed at HBO with the help of Mr. Larry Charles, known most recently for directing the Borat movie, and also for working on such TV shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and Seinfeld. I do think Kanye is a compelling figure, the only problem is that these “A Day in the Life of a Celeb”-type shows are getting to be a dime a dozen. Larry Charles could be just what this show needs to give us a unique (and hopefully humourous) take on the genre. Is anyone else out there game for this?

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  • Ian

    I’m game for something funny. I think it will be with Larry Charles on board and since Kayne West has proven at quite a few award shows, etc. that he takes himself very seriously (a celeb without a sense of humor is reality show gold). Hopefully we might get to see him work with some interesting video directors since he has done that in the past; so it won’t all be ironic fun.