M. Night Shyamalan To Adapt Nickelodeon Cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender

Today the internet has been abuzz with news about M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie. It turns out it’s going to be something slightly outside of what you might expect from him. For one, it’s a kids movie. For two, it’s a live action adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although the show appears to be another imported anime series, it’s actually produced in the U.S. It tells the story of Aang, the last in a line of magicians who can tap into the power of all four elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

While many people have been quick to jump to the conclusion that Shyamalan has been forced to do a crappy kids movie like this because Lady in the Water was so bad, I really don’t think Shyamalan’s stock has fallen so much in Hollywood that he would have to accept a job he didn’t want. There must be a good reason why Shyamalan took on the project… who knows, maybe he is a fan of the cartoon? Lady in the Water did seem in some ways to be a fairy tale for kids, so maybe he wants to do something that is fun for all ages. It should be interesting to see him direct a movie based on someone else’s ideas (no word yet on if he is writing the script or not). All I know is it’s going to be confusing having both Shyamalan and James Cameron working on movies called Avatar.

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  • Henrik

    Well, I am excited.

  • doing something different, especially with other peoples’ characters, is exactly what Shyamalan needed to do. i still think he’s beat up way too much, but this is a good move for him. could be a challenge, which might bring something new out of him that’ll improve his own work later when he inevitably goes back to it.

  • zak

    interesting. james cameron has announced he’ll finally be making a new movie and it has the same title.


  • zak

    oh sorry, i just read that in your posting. i need to start reading the whole thing. that’s my new year’s resolution.

  • Henrik

    Hmm I have questions:

    1. Is this zak the one who was on the podcast and 2. If yes, when will you be back?

  • Zak I’m going to start inserting derogatory comments about you just because I know you won’t see them.

  • Ian

    I know it’s a kid’s show but it’s actually got a pretty involved story and some interesting people have been involved on the writing side (just check out the imdb). I am leary that this cartoon, which still has about 1 or 2 seasons left in the main story arch, could be turned out as a rush to live action movie and ruin the show. Shyamalan might be able to do a good job but only if he works with the creators and the original material.

  • Ed

    Wasn’t one of his first films the first Stuart Little? Not really a departure after all, is it?

  • He wrote it but didn’t direct it.

  • its about time someone came and brought a programme that has all aspects of a good movie

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