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Happy New Year everyone… we’re back at it again. On this week’s podcast we review Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men, offer our top 5 most anticipated movies of 2007, and match Jim Carrey against Mike Myers in Versus. We also discuss the official announcement of Indiana Jones 4, the rumours that Pixar’s Ratatouille may flop, and talk about the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer teaser trailer. That’s right, it’s the itch you just can’t scratch… it’s the Film Junk podcast.

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  • FYI, the long shots in “Children of Men” were composites, i found out. still, pretty damn seamless.

  • i would have voted Mike Myers. despite kissing Canada’s ass, and losing points for overmarketing his characters whenever possible, i think he is the more talented one. Myers drama role in “54” is a better performance than any of Carreys dramatic performances (not that they’re bad)

    Carrey has more good movies, but Myers has more staying power (if he wants it) and creations that he came up with himself…

    btw, I had become so sick of Austin Powers, but having been plowing through the old Bond movies for the first time in my life, I’m kinda antsy to see it again.

  • post 3 as im listening along

    regarding the Children of Men “what happened to the babies?” storyline. scientific backing?

  • Henrik

    The dog story was classic.

    Fantastic Four = Even more rewatchable than Spider-Man 2 or Home Alone. Fun watch.

  • Henrik

    I will go and see Children of Men this weekend, even though I am a little tired of hearing about it. It’s going to take more than long camera shots and nice production design to win me over. Long camera shots almost mean nothing today. In SNake Eyes the first shot is supposedly 14 minutes long, but in reality there’s like 7-8 cuts. As long as you have access to a motion control camera, you can cut 500 times and make it seem like one continuing shot.

  • Henrik

    They shouldn’t have called it Grindhouse. They should have done the marketing exactly the same, but just release it as a double-feature. Let people figure it out for themselves. They should have just sold it as it is, not sold it as a grindhouse feature…

    I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think if they hadn’t called it Grindhouse I would be extremely excited.

  • “Fantastic Four = Even more rewatchable than Spider-Man 2 or Home Alone.”

    it was tough enough sitting through that piece of shit once.

  • Henrik

    Come on man… To me it’s like AvP. It goes by so fast I can’t engage emotionally. I think it’s fine to put on when you’re with some friends and you want a movie on, but you don’t necessarily want to sit there quiet and watch the movie.

  • roy

    Milk, Eggs, and Fabric Softener……no detergent…BITCH!

  • Henrik, i guess i could see that, but i just couldnt stand it. if it had more big dumb action scenes it would be alright, but i notice the only two action scenes in the movie are Dr Doom going out way too easy, and one being to manage an incident that they themselves were responsible for.

  • Henrik

    “the only two action scenes in the movie are Dr Doom going out way too easy, and one being to manage an incident that they themselves were responsible for.”

    Well, if you want to think rational like that towards it it’s doomed from the beginning.

    It’s not a classic movie but it has its place.

  • Well, look who’s talking, the same guy who thinks rationally about computer animated movies for kids!

    I actually agree with Henrik on this one, I thought it was a fun movie, but more action in the sequel would be nice.

  • Henrik

    Well, when kids tell me they love Monsters Inc. I don’t argue with them, and I feel happy inside.

    But do you really want me to get into that whole thing again? That’s totally a tease man.

  • thesnowleopard

    Your show improves each week. You are really startin’ to loosen up.

    Parts that made me LOL:
    New Pixar movie “Phones”
    Big Wig & Fat Cat
    Kids = Lowest Common Denominator

    Parts that didn’t make me LOL:
    A Bug’s Life. You crapped all over my favorite Pixar movie. :(

    Good stuff.

  • Henrik

    Saw Children of Men… I thought it was pretty good. It was basicly like a non-campy version of The Running Man or Total Recall, and I can see how everybody who loves science fiction would experience it as a brilliant, groundbreaking movie.

    On the other hand though, I can’t help but think, that this is a deep as it gets in Hollywood. This is the least amount of catering that people can sit through. You say it’s a challenge, only because some of the explosions are covered in fog. I can only imagine what people would think if you played something like a Bergman movie for them, or early Kubrick. Something that doesn’t sell out. That doesn’t cater to an audience, but instead is raw, honest and real. This is as raw as it gets in north america apparently, and it’s almost pathetic.

    I am not some ganja-smoking art house snob. I like good action movies as well. But it’s almost like Children of Men is as far away from exploitation as you can possibly get within the hollywood system, and it’s a shame that people aren’t aware of what movies can be.

    I’ll give it 4/6. The action was incredible, some of the best I have ever seen. And while the technical aspects of the long takes aren’t as impressive as they would have been say, 10 years ago (people like Brian De Palma in Snake Eyes and Steven Spielberg in War of the Worlds achieved similar results), it’s still an awesome aesthetic choice, and there is no denying that it does take more work than just cutting every 5-8 seconds.