Don’t Call It A Comeback: Mike Myers Has 3 New Movies In The Works

It was Wayne’s World that made him famous, and Austin Powers that made him a very rich man, but here in Canada Mike Myers will always be remembered because of one thing: he loves hockey! I was at a Toronto Maple Leafs game a few weeks ago and there was a video interlude with Myers shown on the video screen, which reminded me of every single talk show interview I’ve ever seen him in where he goes on and on about how proud he is to be Canadian. I suppose it’s nice to know your roots, but if you ask me it’s really kind of embarrassing to watch.

Anyway, it feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Myers on the big screen… and I suppose it has. His last live action gig was 2003’s The Cat in the Hat. In the meantime, his bank account has been kept quite healthy with all the various Shrek sequels and spin-offs, but it seems he is finally ready to step in front of the camera again in 2007. In a recent New York Times article (where they remind us that his last live action appearance was not actually The Cat in the Hat, but rather his Hurricane Katrina cameo alongside Kanye West), Myers reveals that he has not one, not two, but three movies in the works! Among them is a comedy about an Indian love guru named Pitka (Borat meets Hitch anyone?) and a biopic about The Who drummer Keith Moon.

Something tells me the Keith Moon biopic is the way to go if he wants to stage a true comeback… I don’t know that anyone wants to see Myers in dumb SNL-style comedies anymore. Then again, the tongue-in-cheek comedy How To Survive A Robot Uprising (based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson) does sound intriguing. What do you think, can Myers reclaim his status as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors?

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