Film Junk’s Top 10 Movies of 2006

Well, we’ve been slaving away over the past couple of days to bring you this special Film Junk year end video podcast… and FINALLY, here it is! I don’t know why, but video always seems to bring with it a million different problems for us. We’re still not completely happy with the quality, but hopefully all the work was worth it. Without any further adieu, go forth and find out what our top 10 movies of 2006 are! (An iPod compatible video format is also linked below.)

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  • Goon

    should we post our individual lists now then?

    1.Pan’s Labyrinth
    2.The Departed
    4.Road to Guantanamo
    5.The Prestige
    6.Talladega Nights
    7.Casino Royale
    8.United 93
    9.The Proposition
    10.Jesus Camp
    11.V for Vendetta
    12.Lady in the Water
    13.Inconvenient Truth
    14.Rocky Balboa
    15.Monster House
    16.Clerks 2
    17.Snakes on a Plane
    19.Little Miss Sunshine
    20.Art School Confidential

  • Goon

    oh, and Pan’s Labyrinth isnt no.1 for the effects and art direction (although they are quite nice), the civil war end of the story is so amazingly beautiful and brutal and well acted, so well tied into the escapist fantasy elements… review coming soon.

  • Goon

    also, on the Doc blog you should do a similar feature of “top 10 docs we SAW this year” for each of you.

  • Henrik

    Awesome. I can’t imagine it done much better under the circumstances. Allthough at the beginning I was hoping for a skit of Sean with a fake moustache doing a Borat accent. The Jackass bit made me laugh quite a bit though.

    Can’t really say I agree with many of your choices. I don’t Little Miss Sunshine deserves any sort of recognition, but overall, I do respect your list.

    I am so happy than Sean mentioned Babel as the best movie of the year, mostly so that I won’t look like a jackass for having praised it so much on the site. It’s a shame you didn’t all see it.

    Great feature. And Greg has a bitchin beard.

  • The man

    where’s my Space junk Podcast ho’s!!!!

  • Nuno

    Nice year in review show. It made me realize just how many potentially good movies I missed this year.

  • thesecretsafe

    Nice with the Free Design.
    You guys have done a really great job at producing this podcast.
    Have you guys ever watched the 1up show

    If you guys can continue to elaborate on what you did so well with this top ten videopodcast and mesh it with movies in the way 1up does for games I will watch FilmJunk every week.
    What do you think?

  • thesecretsafe

    I also think of
    when thinking about the earlier skits you guys did involving you favorite movie scenarios.

  • For the sake of posterity, here are the other individual top 10 lists we were working off of:

    1. Babel
    2. Jesus Camp
    3. The Departed
    4. Borat
    5. Road to Guantanamo
    6. Little Miss Sunshine
    7. United 93
    8. Rocky Balboa
    9. Hostel
    10. Brick

    (no particular order)
    The Departed
    Inside Man
    Jackass: Number Two
    V For Vendetta
    Little Miss Sunshine
    Bon Cop Bad Cop
    Dave Chappelle’s Block Party
    Shut Up and Sing
    Rescue Dawn


    10. Inside Man
    9. The Descent
    8. Little Miss Sunshine
    7. Slither
    6. Jackass Number Two
    5. Rocky Balboa
    4. Jesus Camp
    3. The Departed
    2. Borat
    1. United 93

  • thesecretsafe:
    I think we’d like to do more video stuff, but to do it every week is just way too much work. It took us a couple days just to edit the damn thing and then another day to try and export it in a format that looked okay and was compatible with Google Video or YouTube.

    Really glad to hear you liked it though.

    The man:
    I will try and get the older Space Junk Radio podcasts posted sometime next weekend.

  • Henrik

    I’m curious… Since you mentioned seeing movies this year that weren’t released during the year.

    How about a top 3 of movies you saw this year, not released this year? I’ll do mine just to kick this up a notch:

    3. Dark Days
    2. John Carpenter’s The Thing
    1. Fanny Och Alexander

  • Hey thesecretsafe:

    I would totally be down for producing a video podcast bi-weekly or monthly if we were able to solidify a time efficient method of pumping these things out. The only problem is we all work full time, on top of the other projects/blogs we are currently working on. However, our motivation would probably increase if we end up recieving more positive feedback left by people like yourself. Thanks for the comments.

    Oh, and good call on the Free Design.

  • Great list. I was surprised by some of films that made the top 10 cut but all in all, a great list for a year of surprisingly decent film going.

  • thesnowleopard

    Pretty good videocast. The audio/video was out of synch a few times, but overall good effort. The ending was funny.

    What did Greg and Jay mean when they said to Sean “you would” like Little Miss Sunshine?

  • Sean is a big fan of beauty pageants, so it only makes sense to us that he would love Little Miss Sunshine. His daughter has competed in numerous local competitions, but just hasn’t managed to secure any wins. Personally I think she’s just not beauty material, but at least they’re passionate about it.

  • Chian

    She almost won that one time. untill a drunken hobo stumbled on stage and knocked one of the spotlights down.

    better luck next time Latequa

  • It’s amazing how high the quality jumped from this one to the end of 07