Download Film Junk Podcast for Dec. 24th, 2006

On this special Christmas Eve edition of Film Junk, curl up by the fireplace with some egg nog and enjoy our full review of Rocky Balboa and our top 5 movies that could ruin a family Christmas. Also prepare for a clash between two titans as we pit Stallone against Schwarzenegger in our new Versus segment. Also hear our thoughts about the new Transformers trailer, Kevin Smith’s acting career, Brian K. Vaughn as a writer on Lost, and the TMNT voice cast. Have a happy holiday, and stay tuned for our year end video podcast coming sometime next week!

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  • Ian

    you guys are super awesome and diligent posting a podcast on Christmas Eve. I look forward to your Year in Review.

  • wolf

    I LOVED The Transformers trailer. Much darker then I expected. I ammit the line at the end of the trailer sounded horrible BUT it was only some stupid line for the sake of marketing mostly to online fans. I seriosuly dout he will sound like that in the movie. They will change it slightly to sound more robotic and to clear it up a bit.
    There robots that transform, what more could you want? Shit will blow up! I’m not expecting a master piece, but the teaser what a lot better then I expected anyway.

  • I’m just wondering, if that horrible line was only only for the sake of marketing to online fans, what else will they be willing to sacrifice to market to online fans?

    I don’t think the trailer was HORRIBLE, but I do honestly believe that if it didn’t say Transformers at the end, this one would slip right under the radar, if not end up recieving negative feedback from the same people who are praising it.


  • Ian

    It’s a movie aren’t they all about emotinoal manipulation? Sometimes toward political ends, sometimes towards economic but always via emotional appeal.

  • Yes, all movies are emotionally manipulative, but for different reasons. (as you stated) This one is using a name and familiar voice to trigger memories, ultimately to fog over the fact that this is nothing more than another action movie, which personally i’m fine with.

  • Henrik

    I’m more worried about the selling out. All of the creativity and artistic integrity of this movie is totally traded for a quick buck. And I know this is just a genre-movie but it still bugs me. Like you can make a kickass movie and still have it be not totally reaching for the lowest common denominator, no?

    I liked this show. I wouldn’t have called at this date obviously, but if you announce it the next time, I think I will probably call you guys and ask some insightful questions. I just have to figure out something quirky for Sean, since he’s all about the quirkiness.