Sarah Michelle Gellar is April O’Neill (and Other TMNT Cast Details)

Earlier this month when the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer hit the web, one of the questions that was still left unanswered was the voice cast. This week USA Today has managed to get the scoop on the actors who will be voicing characters in the CG film, and there are some surprisingly big names involved. Among them is Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), who will be voicing Casey Jones despite rumours that Quinton Flynn was attached. Other high profile roles include Sarah Michelle Gellar as ace reporter April O’Neill, Zhang Ziyi as a leader of the Foot Clan called Karai, and Patrick Stewart as tech-industrialist Max Winters (ie. the film’s secondary villain). Even Kevin Smith has managed to score a short cameo as a greasy spoon chef. As for the Turtles themselves, it seems that they will be voiced by relative unknowns (so unknown, in fact, that they didn’t even bother to release their names). I guess it’s probably for the best, because I hate when you get recognizable voices in a CG movie and all you can do is think of the person behind the voice. (Although, I was still kind of hoping Corey Feldman would be back as Donatello… but hey, maybe he is. He’s basically an unknown nowadays, isn’t he?)

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  • I like your Feldman comment. The funnier thing is that he was in Vancouver last weekend to celebrate a special 20th anniversary screening of “The Lost Boys” (which I freakin’ missed – pissed about that). It would be cool to have him back but, regardless, I’m interested in seeing this for purely novelty sake. I just hope they don’t change the theme song.

  • Henrik

    I have no idea who Corey Feldman is.

    This is good news. Patrick Stewart is great, and he was good as the Faraoh in Prince of Egypt. I don’t care much for the Kevin Smith cameo, but if that’s whats needed to get fanboys in the theatre, I am able to look past it.

    I can’t think of anybody I would want to voice the turtles off the top of my head, so unknowns is fine by me. They sounded awesome in the trailer.

  • roy

    April better be wearing a yellow Channel 4 jumpsuit, otherwise I’m gonna be pissed!