Brian K. Vaughn Hired As Writer on Lost

How’s this for some exciting news to end off the year? It seems that Brian K. Vaughn, writer/creator of such amazing comic books as Y The Last Man and Ex-Machina has been hired on as a writer for the TV show Lost. On his personal site Vaughn had this to say:

“Yes, inexplicably, I’ve been hired as an Executive Story Editor by the fantastic television show LOST. As I’m neither an executive nor an editor, this is really just a fancy Hollywood way of saying that I’ve joined the writing staff.”

Personally I wouldn’t say that the gig is “inexplicable”. I think there’s a lot of similarities between Lost and Y The Last Man, and I can’t wait to see what Vaughn brings to the table (hopefully he tones down some of the pop culture references though). It should also help hone his screenwriting skills for the time when a Y The Last Man movie finally gets greenlit. Interesting side note: Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has also been penning a comic book mini-series of his own for Marvel called Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk. Thanks to Zak for the hot tip!

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  • Phil

    “Was publishing” is more like it! The damn first issue of “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk” came out a few months ago, and the second one has not been seen in at least four months. It’s supposed to be a monthly limited miniseries!

    Also, if “Y: The Last man” is any indication, Vaughan does have a talent for keeping a plotline going on indefinitely, which is exactly what LOST is looking for.

    Another side note: Ryan Reynolds for Y: the last man? Anyone?

  • Apparently Vaughn said before in an interview that he’d like to see Topher Grace as Yorick. I’m not a big Ryan Reynolds fan but I do see the resemblence. I think it should be someone slightly boy-ish looking though.

  • Henrik

    After having re-plunged into comics as of late, and spending a little too much money on them, I came to the conclusion that the only graphic novel worth anywhere near the price they go for was Watchmen.

    Does this comic come close to it? I’m desperate for something that’s not a letdown at this point.

  • Goon

    the best reason to sign on as a Lost writer is to be let in on whether or not they know what the fuck they’re doing

  • Goon

    Vaughns first writing credit is for tonights episode if anyone is interested.

  • Henrik

    Did he improve the show? I never got into it, I watched a couple episodes and couldn’t get past the acting.

  • Goon

    rolling eyes at that comment. Its TV man, its very good acting for TV standards.

    It was just another episode. There was some comic influence to a bit of the dialogue at one point but otherwise i wouldnt have thought it was some new guy.

  • Yes, the acting is definitely not up to the standards of Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Henrik

    I can’t stand TV acting though. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    As for Mortal Kombat… I always thought the interaction between Goro and Kane was some of the most realistic acting I have ever seen. It’s right above Ben Kingsley in Gandhi.

  • Goon

    “I can’t stand TV acting though.”

    you have to consider most TV actors are actually pretty good, but have to put together their episodes pretty quick without not a whole lot of preparation. i actually think a lot of the daytime soap opera actors people would look down on should be given more respect too, they have probably the least preparation of any group of actors for their roles.

    and in the case of lost, you’ve got many actors who are film actor quality (and in fact have some decent film resumes) who really bump the show up. especially for a network show looking down on Lost’s acting is a pretty out there comment.

  • Henrik

    Hey man, I’m not saying the actors can’t do good in something.

    I’m not comparing a show like Lost to other TV though. That may be a little unfair, but if I am going to follow a TV series religiously, I want something as good as going to the theatres and just seeing something there.

    My main beef with TV is just that it’s entire existence is based on catering for ratings. Nobody is concerned with a story as long as you have enough fluff to keep people looking untill the next ad block. Just look at shows like CSI, 24, Prison Break, Lost too. All flash, no substance. I’d rather go see a shit movie like Mortal Kombat where at least the flash is flashy.

  • Goon

    “My main beef with TV is just that it’s entire existence is based on catering for ratings. Nobody is concerned with a story as long as you have enough fluff to keep people looking untill the next ad block.”

    people could make similar arguments about movies

    “all flash no substance”

    the literary, thelogical, philosphical references in the character names on Lost alone prove you wrong. dead fucking wrong buddy. show is packed with a lot of stuff.

  • Henrik

    I guess the fact that Heroes has somebody quoting X-Men proves me wrong as well? Naming a character John Milton doesn’t bring substance.

    It’s still all about hooks before the ads. I don’t like TV, I prefer movies. I guess Lost is no worse than any other TV show, it may be better than most, but I can’t stand watching it.

  • Goon

    “Naming a character John Milton doesn’t bring substance.”

    John Locke. when you actually take those names and actually continually have their characters reflect their namesakes, that means something. actually wade through for a few minutes and maybe you’ll understand. until then save me the hyperbole.

  • Goon

    i just wish sometimes Henrik, when you dont like something you can at least perhaps acknowledge why others do instead of coming up with a hair raising big loud argument completely trying to tear the whole thing down.

  • Henrik

    I realize there is not a character named John Milton! I was trying to get a point across. It’s alot easier to make a statement that is clear to people when using a somewhat extreme example.

    I’m not trying to tell you that you’re wrong for liking it. I’m trying to convey the reasons that I don’t like it, and I am just stating my personal point of view and opinion on these things. Everything you say is based on disproving what I say though, you don’t offer up some of your own reasons or present your personal opinion in a way for me to actually comprehend why you would like it. All you’re doing is trying to tell me the opinion that I formed from my, admittedly limited, experience of the show is wrong and unfounded.

    I don’t want to be the asshole who just tears into everyone. I realize that I may post a considerably bigger amount of comments saying I dislike something, than I do saying I like something, but that pretty much represents the ratio of how I feel about all entertainment.

  • I no longer buy the argument that movies are higher quality entertainment or more “artistic” than TV. Sure TV shows are based heavily on ratings, yes, but movies get greenlit based on box office potential… what’s the difference? There are a lot of shitty TV shows, and there are a lot of shitty movies too. You could argue that there is no TV equivalent to independent movies, but there are now plenty of cable TV networks willing to take risks on new shows even if it means taking a hit in ratings in the short run.

    The only real difference is the serialized format of TV, which makes a lot of people think “soap opera”, with an assumption that there aren’t any good standalone stories being told. But that’s not true. I certainly don’t think the writing, acting or visuals are inferior to movies at this point.

  • Henrik

    You don’t think television is visually inferior to the cinema?!

    Television acting is very melodramatic, overdone and based around always getting to the plot point. Characters are inconsistent, which is fine in the beginning, it seems like they have more layers or whatever, but once you get further along they break apart, because you can’t sustain a stereotype or caricature for that many hours. Why do you think they constantly introduce new characters, kill off people just to bring them back etc? Not to mention the inherent problem of stretching things. First off it starts with a teaser before the credits. In the first block something will be introduced like “You don’t know what I know…” “What is it?!?!” “They are going to kill so-and-so.” Ad block. Next segment won’t adress the issue untill right before the next ad block, with a very similar exchange, or a scene where so-and-so is captured by the people wanting to kill him. New ad block.

    That’s the stuff that just annoys the hell out of me, and I can’t take the stories or situations seriously because the catering, advertising and the things that are supposed to hook you are done so much in your face. The strings are so obvious that it gets insulting. Not to mention the soundtracks on TV are fucking horrible.

    I’m not saying that movies don’t do this. There are movies that do the same, and I hate them for it. It’s just that TV is based around it even more so than movies.

    Even you TV lovers have to admit that your top 5 TV shows don’t match up to your top 5 films of all time.

  • I’m guessing you haven’t seen many HBO or Showtime shows? Not all TV shows are structured around commercial breaks anymore. And yes I think TV *can* be on par with cinema as far visuals go now (not that it always is). Most major shows are now shot in widescreen and are available in HD and they look fantastic.

    Saying all TV acting is melodramatic is a bit of a blanket statement. However, there are a lot of movie actors doing TV stuff now, and by the same token, a lot of producers are recruiting from popular TV shows now to get fresh talent in their movies. The only thing I will agree with is that characters can become inconsistent and stories get stretched out, but that’s usually because the production cycle of TV is so fast and you have multiple writers and directors working on a particular show. But I still think the best episodes of a good show can give me just as much enjoyment as a good movie.