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This week Jay and I are joined by Greg and Corey as we review the controversial documentary Jesus Camp and discuss the Golden Globe nominees, the new Live Free or Die Hard trailer and the religious uproar surrounding Black Christmas. We also count down our top 5 action movie franchises of all-time and pit Star Wars against Star Trek in our brand new “Versus” segment. Prepare yourself for some rebellious ink, and grab this week’s podcast via the links below!

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  • Henrik

    This show had funny shit all over. Tons of crazyness, plenty of flash. I laughed.

    I enjoyed your review this week. I don’t mind people going off on religon and other non-movie topics, WHEN IT STEMS FROM A MOVIE THAT HAS BEEN SEEN AND IS BEING REVIEWED. That’s the huge deal here. Movies rule. If they bring up religion, sure talk about it. But don’t use a movie as an excuse to bring up your own beliefs and whatnot. I applaud you for showing the restraint and the class that I have come to expect.

    On a slightly more controversial note, I actually like the new trilogy more than the old trilogy. I loved the OT when I was younger, but I can’t stand watching them now. The new trilogy at least tries to be about something. All the government change and the politics etc. The OT is about nothing. Nothing whatsoever. It’s not even coming of age, because it jumps from Luke being not ready (losing to Vader) to in the next movie, a fully trained Jedi.
    I loved the creativity of the NT. The first one was a disappointment, even though I think Jar-Jar Binks is kind of funny, but the 2nd and 3rd had alot of awesome worlds and creatures. Who gives a fuck if the lines delivered are a little wooden? The OT is just as shit when it comes to acting, and the characters in those 3 movies are even shallower and more archetypical than the ones in the NT, as mentioned on the show. General Grievous, and that green lizard Obi-Wan is riding in episode III is awesome.

    However, as I have stated before I enjoy intelligence, and I much prefer Star Trek to Star Wars. I have only seen episodes from TNG and a few from Enterprise, which I did not like. TNG however, I can watch all the time.

    Do the vs. as a separate. That’s a great idea. Just cram it out. Podcast monday, top 5 wednesday, VS thursday. You can record them at the same time if you want, but the more content the better. I find that the enthusiasm on the show is getting bigger, and I don’t mean that there are more jokes being fired off, but there seems to be more heart behind the babble now. I dig it.

  • Goon

    “restraint and the class that I have come to expect.”

    before the show was recorded I have expected someone will come along, probably not someone we normally here from, that wont think that way.

  • Henrik

    What you do on your own time is your own business.

  • thesnowleopard

    I only like the original Star Wars from 1977. I wish I could live in a world where there were no sequels or prequels. I think they are all inferior, and got progressively worse, ending with the abominable Sith.

    Versus is a good idea. I agree that overall Star Trek is the stronger franchise, although the first Star Wars movie holds greater resonance for me than any of the Trek movies or TV shows put together.

    You’re show is getting funnier by the week. Maybe that is because of the time of year? Who knows. I thought “Jack Black back lash” was so LOL funny I borrowed it for use in another chat room. ;)

    Who owned the dog in the background?

  • Oops, sorry missed this comment earlier. It was my dog in the background… we just got him this week. 6 weeks old, and a real terror when he wants to be!