2007 Golden Globe Nominees Announced

Well, the 2007 Golden Globe Award Nominees were announced this morning, and from my point of view there weren’t really any big surprises. People usually look to the Golden Globes for early indicators of who the Oscar favourites will be, and it’s looking like Babel, The Departed, and The Queen are all frontrunners. I was a bit surprised to see no nominations for either United 93 or World Trade Center, but I guess people have cooled off on the 9/11 thing by now. Some of the more interesting battles include Leonardo DiCaprio vs Leonard DiCaprio for Best Actor, and Clint Eastwood vs Clint Eastwood for Best Director. One thing I do like about the Golden Globes is that they recognize comedy as well (although it seems pretty arbitrary that they get lumped in with musicals). Check out the full list of nominees below and then let us know who your favourites are, and who was overlooked.

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  • Henrik

    Well, I hope Babel wins alot of awards. I thought it was very good. I sincerely do not hope that The Departed of Blood Diamond wins in the movie or writing categories. But Mark Wahlberg was pretty funny in The Departed and maybe he should get an award.

    But The Departed was just a genre movie, no big whoop. A tad too long, and as soon as Jack Nicholson stopped spurting off all the slurs I totally lost interest.

    I hate Edward Zwick and I would take great pleasure in seeing his movie fail on all fronts.

    In short, Go Babel.

  • I’m just wondering where this idea of ‘just a genre movie’ came from? You speak of genre pictures as though they’re all lowly, worthless crap.

  • Croft

    I love how every awards season it seems like only two directors exist.

  • Henrik

    No, but I don’t think they are worthy of awards. When it’s just a plot being followed by the numbers, it can be fun (I did laugh alot during The Departed) but it’s not a masterpiece by any standards. As soon as you try and squeeze some of the characters they burst because they were never real people in the first place, but only devices made to move the plot forward, to tell the precious story.

    Something like Babel is alot more interesting and poignant. The characters are portrayed as real people, making real choices and they aren’t just going through motions of a greater scheme. If you read some of the criticism of the movie, it usually is grounded in the fact that the critic is trying to force a plot on the movie, saying “Well it’s about isolation.” or “The story is about being misunderstood.” You can watch a movie like Babel (it’s not the best movie ever made mind you, but it’s pretty damned good.) and take many things from it.

    The people aren’t cardboard cutouts representative of a certain idea or movement. They are grounded in reality, and their choices are not dictated by a point that needs to come across. They just make the actions in front of a camera, and the points you make are up to you.

  • Henrik

    I don’t have a problem with genre movies, but I do have a problem when people try and glorify them and call something like “The Departed” best movie of the year.

    Like I love Die Hard like everybody else, but I would never glorify it like that, because it doesn’t need it, and it doesn’t ask for it.

  • So you would purposely hold back praise for a film simply because it’s a genre piece? Ignoring whether or not you liked it or if it was an accomplished piece of filmmaking/storytelling?

  • Henrik

    No, but I only enjoy them to a certain point. They never connect with me emotionally, and they don’t try, and they don’t have to.

  • I think The Departed has more that you can take away from it than just action and good vs evil. Besides, if The Departed is a genre piece, then what genre does it fall into? We had trouble figuring out what category to put it in for our year end reader poll, so I’d be curious to hear what your take is.

  • Croft: When you say every awards season only two directors exist, do you mean Clint Eastwood and Clint Eastwood?


  • Henrik

    It’s an action movie. Could be subgenred into things like gangster-movie or spy-movie. But a straight up action movie to me at least.

  • So The Departed is among Rambo, Commando, True Lies and so on?

    What about Goodfellas?

  • Henrik

    I haven’t seen Goodfellas. I’m not a fan of Scorsese. I have seen Casino, Aviator, Gangs and Taxi Driver in addition to TD, and didn’t really enjoy them, so I didn’t pursue any of his other movies.

    It would have to be among those movies. What other genre would you consider placing it in? The subgenres are created for situations like this.

    Obviously whenever somebody is considering what movie to see, they don’t just say I want an action movie and I want any action movie. This is a Scorsese movie so you know it’s going to have people swearing alot, at least one torture scene and a couple of violent deaths. When you rent a Stephen Sommers action movie, you know you’re getting something completely different, but they’re still both action movies.

    Die Hard, Commando, Deep Rising, The Departed, Minority Report, Kill Bill (vol. 1 I guess *sigh*), Assault on precinct 13, Gladiator.

    They’re all action movies but they are different in as many ways as they are alike. You yourself brought up ‘tone’ with me earlier.

  • Quite the discussion going on over here. I liked “The Departed” and yes, it was a good film, but I’m not sure it qualifies as best of the year. It hasn’t been a spectacular year but there have been some other films that are a bit better than this one. I think it deserves to be on the list but I don’t think it deserves to win. It could win the Golden Globe but when put up against something like “Little Miss Sunshine”, I’m not convinced it holds up.

    I’m a bit stumped by the omission of “Half Nelson” from the ballot.

  • Goon

    Henriks take on Scorsese is depressing.

  • Goon

    anyways, looking at the TV side of the Globes, my only outburst is how Battlestar Galactica got snubbed. Even all the “heroes” fans i know admit the writing on that show sucks.

  • Goon

    actually, looking at them even more it seems like the TV section is just a big network self congrats, with cable generally shut out. I see the Wire also is missing.

  • Battlestar blows! Or at least now it does. In the past it seems like the TV Globes always went to HBO shows so I think now that networks are starting to put out good stuff I’m glad they’re giving them recognition. Can’t say whether or not The Wire deserves a nod, but I hear good things about it. I’m glad Big Love got mentioned but I think I’d rather see Dexter up there personally.

  • Goon

    dont make me go to St Catharines and wash out your mouth with soap!

    anyways, the Globes in general make me sick. the more anyone knows about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the less likely they would be to pay attention to anything they do.

  • Croft

    Don’t get me wrong Eastwood is a good filmmaker and everything but there are other good directors out there making good films.

    I think they should just automatically include Eastwood and Scorsese. We all know it’s coming. Why bother announcing they’ve been nominated…just let me know who fills out the remainding three spots. Or in this years case two spots.

  • Henrik

    How is my take on Scorsese depressing?

    I don’t dislike Scorsese. There was a point where I was getting a little tired of hearing about how many oscars he deserved, but I have alot of respect for him as a filmmaker.