Ben Stiller Planning Zoolander Sequel

Hey whatever happened to Ben Stiller? It seems to me that the guy’s been taking a bit of a breather lately, perhaps trying to avoid the saturation level that people like Will Ferrell have reached. In the last year or two he’s only had a couple small appearances on screen, and a role on Arrested Development. He will return in the Shawn Levy comedy Night At The Museum later this month, but in terms of writing and directing it looks like there’s still nothing immediate on the horizon for Stiller.

Recently, however, he did confirm plans to start developing a sequel to Zoolander, the 2001 spoof of the fashion industry that he wrote and directed. The film fizzled at the box office but apparently found an audience on DVD; I always thought it was a great concept that didn’t quite live up to its potential. Who knows, maybe he can really nail it this time around… what are the odds? One thing working against the sequel is the fact that Stiller’s friend Drake Sather, who is the actual creator of the Zoolander character, has since passed away. Maybe Stiller should get in touch with Sacha Baron Cohen and collaborate on a Bruno/Zoolander flick? Either way, although Stiller’s movies can be hit and miss, I do think he’s a funny guy and I welcome any new projects from him. Especially if Owen Wilson is also involved!

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  • I really enjoyed Zoolander. True, it didn’t live up to what it could have been but it still manged to get a few laughs.

  • Croft

    My favourite stuff has been his appearences in Curb Your Entusiasm and Extras both in which he plays himself.

  • Chopper

    yeah zoolander is not my fav Stiller flick, but i did find some of it funny. a sequel though, i dont know if i would pay to see that in the theaters.

  • jason

    what? you guys are crazy. i’ve seen zoolander about 20 times and it’s still hilarious. one of his best imo.