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This week we take a look at the version of Superman II that “you’ve never seen” (unless you bought the DVD that is): the newly released Richard Donner Cut. We also take some time out to count down our top 5 favourite “mindfuck” movies, and discuss Sam Raimi’s pulp serial movie, the Short Circuit remake, and the direction that Stallone’s career is heading, plus the new 300 and TMNT trailers. If that’s not a packed show then frankly I don’t know what is! We also finalize our plans for the year end reader poll, so be sure to tune in for the details. Download this week’s episode via the link below!

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  • Henrik

    You guys suck some times… I know you are trying to think out of the box and mention movies out of left-field, but this was not “Top 5 Cop Movies”. There is no need to deliberately discard the classics, if anything they deserve mention more than anything else. As you migh have guessed, I spent a number of minutes listening to this being pissed off that 2001 was not mentioned, not to mention listed on the poll.

    The Call-In thing sounds fun. I will call if the timing isn’t extremely obscure. I just need to think of something relevant to actually ask, which is pretty hard.

    McG! I’ve never heard anybody actually pronounce the name. It takes the ridiculousness to another level when you hear it said out loud.

    Richard Lester was indeed the director of Superman 2. I have alot of respect for him, because he made two awesome movies – The 3 musketeers and The 4 musketeers. 3 Musketeers is the standard story told several times, but 4 musketeers is very good. It mixes the campier stuff with women strangling eachother. Not to mention the actors are awesome – Oliver Reed, Christopher Lee, Charlton Heston, Faye Dunaway, Richard Chamberlain, Raquel Welch… And D’Artagnan is played by the guy who briefs Austin Powers and he is awesome. Richard Donner made what? Some kiddie movies and Superman? I’m not a very big fan of the any of the superman movies, but as memory serves I prefered no. 2. I remember thinking the part where he turned back time was one of the biggest mistakes in movie history.

    The comic book thing about frames and whatnot. I think to see how to do this perfectly just look at Spider-Man. They are not concerned with the comic books per se, but for certain moments – the origin, the suit in the trashcan, they exactly mirror the particular comic book frame, and it works perfectly. It just gives the fans an extra punch when seeing it.

    One last thing… What the hell is up with this music? Is that from the Superman 2 soundtrack…?

  • Sometimes I get pissed off when internet lists don’t align exactly with my taste as well. Then I just sit back, take a breather, and tell myself ‘it’s only a list. it’s only a list.’ After about 30 minutes, i’m out of the red and ready to get on with my day. But it’s that 30 minutes of disapproval, disagreement and dissatisfaction that burns me…eats me up inside. Life is nothing but a series of lessons, and internet lists are nothing but a series of opinions that will always be wrong in the eyes of another reader.
    – Gandhi

    Just curious, can you qualify the fact that 2001 is more of a mindfuck then the movies on my list? And even if so, can you qualify that I personally don’t think that they’re more of a mindfuck than 2001?

  • Henrik

    It’s hard to argue against taste. And I admit to not having seen any of the movies on your personal list.

    However, it is unarguably a classic, and pretty much considered the mother of all ‘mindfuck’ movies, if we are going by that as a genre. By that I mean that it has fucked with more people than any other movie, and at the same time inspired, frightened, enlightened and bored countless viewers, as any internet search will tell you. The one thing they all agree on though (the people that choose to care anyway) is that it’s fucked up. For that, I think it deserves mentioning.

    Like I said it took me a couple of minutes but then I got over it. I was able to pick up the pieces of my shattered world and stick them together in a new and different pattern.

    I do feel however, that it is my duty as a listener and as a fellow human being, to inform you of missteps and errors in upbringing/judgement like this. I’ve listened to a ton of your top 5’s, and this is the only time I felt there was a big blunder.

  • I agree, 2001 is a good one that we overlooked. But I think you have to assume when we’re doing our top 5 lists that we’re always going to leave out some important ones. It’s not like we’re trying to make our lists definitive, we’re just trying to personalize them and make them entertaining. I would encourage anyone and everyone to post their own lists in response to ours. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Henrik

    I certainly don’t want to come off as berating you for not sharing my opinion. I usually keep my mouth shut with the lists, because they are subjective and the point is entertainment.

    However, this was just a blunder-blunder. I had to mention it. Like I said I feel it is my duty.

  • thesnowleopard

    I would have included more David Lynch:

    Mulholland Dr
    Lost Highway
    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

    I can’t understand the argument over 2001. I wouldn’t classify it as a mindfuck movie. Profound? Existential? Philosophical? But not mindfuck. It makes you think but I got the general gist of the movie.

    But Lynch, I have NO idea what he is trying to say.

    Agree with everything Sean said about 300. What’s the big deal? Everyone is wetting their pants over this and I can’t see why.

    Good show. Even the burp was impressive.


  • Henrik

    I will agree that the burp was pretty impressive.

    I didn’t know you had *that* in you.