Sam Raimi Developing Pulp Serial Movie?

There’s been a lot of speculation about what Sam Raimi might be planning to do with himself whenever he finally manages to escape from the Spider-Man franchise (assuming that will happen at some point in his lifetime). If I had to guess, I’d say that he probably won’t be directing something like The Hobbit, but there’s been another recent report that says he’s putting together a new movie based on characters from old Street & Smith pulp fiction novels and sci-fi magazines. This would include classic heroes such as The Shadow, The Avenger and Doc Savage, all thrown together in one amazing feature film.

While the report still has yet to be confirmed, it does sound a lot like something the former director of Darkman would be interested in. Raimi’s been starting up a lot of projects lately for his production company Ghost House Pictures, but inside sources say Raimi actually wants to direct this one himself. Hey if there’s anyone who could erase bad memories of the Alec Baldwin version of The Shadow, it’s Sam Raimi! Personally I think this will rule, as long as they don’t let Stephen Norrington (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman) anywhere near it. I’m hoping this turns out to be more than just a rumour.

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  • Shavager

    I hope the movie gets made in the same effort as some of the other characters have been. The Alec Baldwin Shadow was the best made but could have picked a better story and presentation of the Shadow’s background. The pneumatic tubes outside the buildings carrying messages around town was corny as were agents passing messages in the street and The Shadow appearing in broad daylight before Margo Lane rescued him was definitely out of character. The more serious the characters and storylines are held to, the better it works. The old George Pal Doc Savage movie was absolutely terrible. Clint Walker would have been better as Doc Savage at that time and the other characters were miscast and misrepresented as well as the story being terrible. Duane “The Rock” Johnson would be an acceptable Doc Savage, but the other members of Doc’s group have to be handled as seriously as the storyline to work.