Paul Verhoeven To Portray Jesus As A Normal Dude?

So you’ve seen The Passion of the Christ and The Nativity, and now you’re waiting impatiently for another Jesus-related film to hit theatres. Well, as it turns out, another movie based on the life of Jesus Christ is in the works, but it’s coming from the place you’d least expect: Paul Verhoeven, director of such films as Robocop, Showgirls, and Basic Instinct. Intrigued? I knew you would be.

Verhoeven recently told Empire Magazine that he is working on a movie about “Jesus the human being”, which would try to portray his life story based solely on historical fact. “It really goes into the politics of the time and tries to show a lot of things that have been buried and eliminated by Christianity. My scriptwriter told me not to do the movie in the United States because they might shoot me.” Wow, it already sounds like it may rival The Da Vinci Code as far as controversy goes. Apparently Verhoeven is a member of the Jesus Seminar, a group of scholars who are trying to unravel, with as much historical accuracy as possible, exactly what Jesus may have said or done during his lifetime.

Considering that his newest film Zwartboek (Black Book) is a serious thriller about a Jewish girl who hides out during WWII and joins a resistance movement afterwards, could it be that we’re starting to see Verhoeven’s career moving in a more mature direction? Let’s hope not. You can see the latest trailer for Zwartboek (now with English subtitles) over at Allocine.

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  • Henrik

    This sounds very weird. I agree that all of his Sci-Fi Action movies are definitely awesome, but I haven’t been a very big fan of the rest of his stuff.

    One major draw for his movies for me at least were always the visual effects. For some reason he always seemed to have awesome effects, even though he has been working with a ton of different supervisors and companies. Even Hollow Man has incredible rewatchability for me due to the effects. I’m not sure I would want to see this though… He sounds alittle too aware of the controversy for me to buy into this ‘vision’.

  • Well, I just saw the trailer for Black Book and though it looks like a number of other films of the genre, I’m vaguely interested in seeing it and it actually looks fairly decent. I’m not sure this particular movie about Jesus is going to fly but it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.