Download Film Junk Podcast for Dec. 4th, 2006

Join us this week on the Film Junk podcast as Jay and Sean kick out their top 5 favourite “so bad it’s good” movies and debate the potential of Beverly Hills Cop 4, along with Paul Verhoeven’s historic Jesus pic. We also get philosophical about new trailers for Hot Fuzz and Inland Empire, and even give our thoughts on the new Nintendo Wii game console. Stick it to the man… get up close intimate with this week’s podcast.

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  • Yeah, I find it hard to understand why people would come to a festival like this to watch something they’ve seen a million times before. It’s for charity so I guess that should be the main draw, but whatever.

    John says he’s working on getting a special third movie for the screening, hopefully that will be something a little less obvious.

  • Henrik

    Be careful what you say about the movie blog though… John Campea is the new Kevin Smith.

    I agree totally with the movie selection though. Star Wars? My god…

  • Henrik

    I don’t know Dane Cook, but I can honestly say that I agree on all points. But wasn’t there something about him raping you or something? I think I remember hearing about that on the podcast…

    I was a little worried that this site would turn moviebloggy, because there was all that focus on the amount of participants and listeners etc. etc. I’m no elitist, but I enjoy intelligence.

    However, if not for the movie blog, I would never have heard about filmjunk, so I guess there’s another reason to not like the site.

  • thesnowleopard

    I listen to TMB and filmjunk and find them both interesting because they are so different. John can be strident at times (and doesn’t do sarcasm well), but there is something chaotic about TMB which I enjoy, particularly when Doug is let loose.

    Filmjunk is more urbane and better informed, at least it seems that way to me. My favourite word is jaded, and I feel you exceeded your ‘jadedness’ on this podcast ;).

    I think your choice of music would qualify as being so bad it’s good. But that’s the point no doubt. Irony is so much better than sarcasm.