Judd Apatow Reunites Freaks & Geeks Cast for The Pineapple Express

It’s been said many times before, but it really is the truth… Freaks & Geeks was a landmark TV show, shut down prematurely by a network that couldn’t seem to find a place for it in their line-up. The cult success of the show, however, was responsible for many of the cast and crew moving on to bigger and better things. Creators Judd Apatow and Paul Feig are now well-established movie directors, stars James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Linda Cardellini (among others) have also scored some big roles in prominent movies and TV shows.

Well now Freaks & Geeks fans will be happy to see Judd Apatow bringing some of the cast members back together again for a new project, this time a big screen comedy called The Pineapple Express. The story finds two stoners (Franco and Rogen) getting mixed up in a drug gang. The script was written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who was a writer on Da Ali G Show, along with Rogen). Oddly enough, however, Apatow will not be in the director’s chair for this one (he’s busy directing his latest comedy Knocked Up, also starring Rogen). Instead he will co-produce while David Gordon Green (All The Real Girls, George Washington) directs. Now there’s an interesting and unexpected choice to direct a goofy comedy. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

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  • This will be awesome. David Gordon Green rules and has successfully injected moments of humour in his previous films, especiall All The Real Girls.

  • Henrik

    I have never even heard of David Gordon Green… But Judd Apatow did 40 year old virgin right? I thought that was a horrible movie. Not over the top enough to be funny, not grounded enough to be touching.

    What was this show about though? I kinda like Seth Rogen… That scene in Virgin where he’s telling Paul Rudd (awesome!) why he’s gay was the only memorable part for me.

  • Henrik

    Btw. This post sounds like a Firefly post. I’m not judging, just letting you know.

  • katie

    this is waaaay exciting!! but i wish the geeks would make more appearances in films. like where the heck did harris go?!

  • Well if it sounds like a Firefly post because I’m lamenting the cancellation of a good TV show, then yeah, I realize that. There are way too many good TV shows that have gotten the shaft over the years.

    In this case however I’m saying that Freaks & Geeks still turned out to be a successful launching pad for many careers, so I guess there was a silver lining to its cancellation.

  • Henrik

    Yeah and I guess this show actually lasted one entire season? So it’s a bit more justifiable than lamenting Firefly’s (un?)timely demise.