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This week on the Film Junk podcast, Jay, Sean and Greg review Christopher Guest’s For Your Consideration. We also count down our favourite celebrity P.R. blunders, discuss the Michael Richards situation, address the whole Peter Jackson/New Line/Hobbit fiasco, and lay into some new trailers for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Epic Movie. Go epic or go home, that’s what I say.

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  • Henrik

    Funniest show in awhile for sure. Drive-OUT movie is totally going into my vocabulary.

    Man… I can’t imagine somebody actually sitting through (without being forced like I was) Renny Harlin’s Exorcist: The beginning, but after 20 minutes of Harry Potter, turn it off. Seriously.

    I like Harry Potter. The 3rd movie butchered an important sidestory, that was one of the reasons the books captivated me, but other than that they have been good. This book was the worst of the bunch so far, but they can cut away alot of the filler for the movie, and make it good. I’m looking forward to this… Ralph Fiennes is one of my favourite actors.

  • saw For Your Consideration, i didnt hate it but it is seriously flawed, perhaps fatally flawed, not by what IS there, but by what ISNT there

    it isnt the extreme change in character (and disappearance of a few other characters) that is so wrong, but the transition before it. it feels like a dream sequence as its just such a huge shift, we dont see the film ending and comign to theaters.

    guest puts ‘3 months later’ at the end of his films, well he should have put one in the middle of the film as well. it seems like a reel is missing. i dont know if it was cut short to fit 90 minutes or if the material that shows the change was drastically unfunny or if this was what was intended all along, but without that chunk of missing scenes the whole movie just flops because of it. sure there are still funny scenes after it, but as a story (which was a bigger concern in this picture over his last couple films) it really really REALLY suffers because of it.

    if these scenes exist and were cut i really hope Guest comes to his senses and puts them back in.

    a lot of people criticize the film because its not as sharp of a hollywood satire as they wanted, but to me thats not the problem – it seemed to me more about getting caught up in hollywood than hollywood itself. its the storytelling concerns that makes the movie not what it could be.

  • thesnowleopard

    On the subject of PR blunders, John Lennon saying the Beatles were bigger than Jesus has to be right up there.