Sam Raimi to Direct The Hobbit?

I gotta say, I really don’t think this rumour holds much credibility at the moment, but maybe — just maybe — it’s crazy enough to be true. Someone over at has it from a “reliable source” that MGM approached Sam Raimi to direct The Hobbit in place of Peter Jackson. Now, there’s been no indication that Sam Raimi accepted the offer either way, but if it is true, Raimi would probably have to think long and hard about stepping into another massive blockbuster franchise (not to mention stepping on Peter Jackson’s toes). Clearly the main reason they would have come to Raimi would be to appease the fanboys… so I’m sure we’ll be hearing similar stories about them approaching Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon any day now. As I mentioned, I have a pretty hard time believing this story precisely because it is such a fanboy wet dream, but for the sake of argument let me ask this: is Sam Raimi the right man for the job?

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  • Henrik

    He has done such a good job with Spider-Man… Better than anybody could have hoped for artistically. He is probably one of the only names that would excite for something like this. Of course he could do it, it’s just going to be an action-movie. Renny Harlin could do it.

    I would laugh my ass off if Joss Whedon was directing this thing. Talk about having a name based on nothing.

  • I know it’s wishful thinking but I hope this rumour holds some water.