Rob Cohen To Digitally Recreate Bruce Lee

We reported last month that Rob Cohen, director of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, was working on a new Bruce Lee movie called Rage & Fury. At the time it seemed a bit strange because, as we all know, Bruce Lee is dead (although his legend still lives on!). In a recent interview, Cohen has confirmed what had been previously rumoured, but seemed too ridiculous to be true: he will be resurrecting Lee from the grave using CGI. “I am creating an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technlogy. Digital Domain who did XXX and Stealth with me are on it big time… We do have the rights to Bruce’s films but the lines are all I am going to use.” Well, I think that quote pretty much speaks for itself. That’s a pretty massive undertaking, and considering how good the effects in Stealth were, I think we all have cause for concern here. Bruce Lee fans, speak your piece… I know you’ve gotta have something to say about this!

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  • Henrik

    This is awesome. When I was younger I watched a ton of Bruce Lee movies, and I remember there was one movie that was made after he died. He died in the movie as well, but there was a good 20 minutes of clever editing, superimposed images and some voice-overed dialogue.

    My favourite Bruce Lee like everybody else is Game of Death. The fight against that basketball player is still great. As for this new flick, I can’t wait to see it! I seriously doubt it will come even close to working, let alone be believeable, but if they weren’t doing this, I would have no interest in the movie… After Dragonheart Rob Cohen has done nothing but stinkers.

  • I guess this is good news for Lee fans but I’m not sure I like this idea. It just seems like such a waste of money.

  • J


  • wolf

    Sounds creppy…

  • Carey I.

    well we shall see how this project turns out.

    Henrik: if you love the original “GAME OF DEATH” make sure you check out WB’s “BRUCE LEE: A WARRIOR’S JOURNEY” DVD which features the complete ending to G.O.D. as it was shot & edited based on Bruce LE’s original script notes. even better, get your hands on a Japanese dvd called “G.O.D.” which has an even better version & of the same scenes. after you see either of these you can pretty much toss out the Robert Clouse version.

  • Henrik

    Hmm… I don’t want to piss off any fans but I like Bruce Lee movies the same way I like the 2 Mortal Kombat movies… Is that “Warrior’s journey” movie a documentary about Bruce Lee? That could be interesting to watch…

    As for this being a waste of money, I would much rather see them spend 145 million dollars on creating a digital Bruce Lee, than some moronic animated cartoon. I think if they had that kind of a budget, there would be a chance that they could do it. But just imagine if they actually pull it off? That would be amazing.

  • Hi i just wanna say that i am a huge Bruce lee Fan an i agree with Henrik cause its better seeing it digital and i myself am a student of computer animation an i think with the advance technology of CGI it could make a big difference it may look really life looking u know i just hope it comes out cool with alot of action just like he was with his screaming an fast ability in everything well ladies an gentlemen an people from the movies i hope u do a good job in the movie production an take care everyone if u wanna add me its see ya there byebye

  • greg fernandez

    If you’re going to do this, please do it right. Keep the footage you have, add the extra 30 minutes. Only the beginning shoould be CGI. Please do not make the whole movie CGI.
    Just a thought. Thank you for your time

  • 1st bruce lee hero

    i cant wait till they make the film of bruce lee , he was a great legend , too bad he’s dead

  • Shawn McGrath

    Did anyone see the new Terminator movie. T4 Salvation? There is a several minute section with a 100% CGI digital Arnold. And you can’t tell me it didn’t look real. It looked so real I had to research it for weeks trying to find out why Arnold was not credited for being in the movie! No credit anywhere till I found that the directer of the film got the O.K from Arnold to use the movie prints of T2 to create a digital mold of him to put him into the movie. Once you see that clip, you can’t doubt a CGI re-creation of Bruce is possible!!!