Tony Scott’s Remake of The Warriors Still Happening

Last year Rockstar Games released a video game based on Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic The Warriors, and it seemed like it would be the beginning of a major resurgence for this movie. Right around the same time, a director’s cut DVD was released, and Tony Scott was rumoured to be working on a remake. But then Scott went on to direct Domino and Deja Vu, and it seemed to have been forgotten.

Recently, Tony Scott sat down with someone over at IGN and revealed that his remake of The Warriors is still very much happening. He’s just been taking extra time to prepare… by building up contacts with real gang members??? That’s right, apparently Scott wants to cast the new version with all authentic real-life groups like the Bloods and the Crips, and he claims he has already done the groundwork by meeting with heads of all the different L.A. gangs. (The 18th Street Gang actually appeared in Domino during Keira Knightley’s lap dance scene.) Scott also compares his remake of The Warriors to his brother’s recent film Kingdom of Heaven in terms of scale: “My vision of The Warriors is Los Angeles in 2007 and the gangs, instead of being 30, are going to be 3,000 or 5,000″. He went on to sneak in a little jab at Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake while he was at it: “I’m not going to do what they did on Psycho, which is a frame-by-frame remake, which would be boring… God, I couldn’t imagine that. I’d rather shoot myself than spend a year of my life doing that.”

As much as Tony Scott’s movies tend to annoy me, I guess I can admit that his new take on The Warriors will be interesting to say the least. Still, there’s something about a hot shot Hollywood director working with real street gangs that seems more than a little contrived. Somehow I think I’d rather watch Gang Wars instead.

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  • Henrik

    Zero interest. Was the original really an awesome movie that needs to be remade?

    Tony Scott sounds like an asshole in interviews, and he hasn’t done anything that was remotely exciting to me since Crimson Tide. I love it when directors speak of movies and how they always have an ‘epic vision’ of what it’s going to be. I suppose it takes a real auteur to take a concept and multiplying it to the point of ridiculous, and call it a vision. What, are they going to CGI some of the gangs to achieve this ‘vision’ he speaks of?

  • luke

    yea sounds like bulls**t the origenal was so great why try and change it , also the moonrunners the punks the jones st boys the furys these are what made the film great without them its just another gangster movie,, yahhn boring

  • why make a remake? In 1979 the Warriors walked away victorious…now lets see what their up too now. The plot should be about kids of today living the warriors legacy and is about to see what its like to be chased by almost every gang…and in order to survive they must seek the help of the real Warriors. When you remake a movie, all its showing is the same thing we saw before…only with different characters. If we was to see the remake, we should just dust off the original and start watching that. Come on hollywood use your heads, remakes are dumb and nothing but a waste of time.