The Thing Remake To Be Penned By Battlestar Galactica Producer

It seems like every month some new report crops up about a John Carpenter movie being remade, and although I don’t necessarily believe every rumour I hear, I have no doubt in my mind that most of Carpenter’s filmography is ripe for rebooting and Carpenter himself is probably in agreeance as long as he gets a paycheck. The latest scoop from Variety reveals that Universal is setting up a new take on The Thing… that’s right, a remake of a remake, it doesn’t get much more pointless than that. This seems to conflict slightly with earlier talk of a Thing prequel, although this will reportedly be more of a “companion piece” than a straight up remake (whatever that means). Carpenter himself appears not be have any involvement in this particular project whatsoever, however, they have hired on a screenwriter who also happens to be the main man behind The Sci-Fi Channel’s re-invention of Battlestar Galactica: Ronald D. Moore. Great, so now it’s going to be melodramatic, cliched and have dark political undertones about the war in Iraq too (can you tell I’m over my BSG obsession?). I really can’t see this remake amounting to much.

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  • Goon

    i know you dont want to see the remake, but dont bring BSG down, man. not cool. :P

  • I’m not sold on the remake of this ingenious little film. I love BSG too but I’m not of the mind that Moore is a total genious. At least not yet.

  • Henrik

    I thought Ronald D. Moore wrote some of the most interesting episodes of The Next Generation, and I really like The Thing. Obviously a remake is pointless – they all ultimately are – but if it breaks this movie to a new crowd, that’d be cool. R. Moore doesn’t strike me as a typical hack writer to bring on and make it a marketable action-flick.

    I haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica because I’m allergic to serialized television, but I think this is slightly better news than average.

  • I have read a potential script The Thing Sequel…actually…i did the concept art for it….check it out on
    As far as I know nothing is a guarantee at this point.

  • Marney

    I dont think it needs a remake, a sequel maybe, but a remake could end like a watered down version of the original (remake!),if Carpenter had never remade the original, i cant imagine someone doing it now and ending up with a film that is in anyway as entertaining or original.If that movie was made now, i could see the studio insisting on a love interest and a happy ending!!But then im a big fan and im hungry for more Thing stories so…good luck to ya!!