Now Romanian Villagers Want To Sue Borat!

It looks like those drunken fratboys have really opened the floodgates for those seeking legal action against 20th Century Fox and the producers of the Borat movie. In addition to Mahir, the Turkish man who plans to sue because he was the basis for the Borat character, now it looks like the residents of a small village in Romania are the latest to go public with their accusations of being exploited by Sacha Baron Cohen and his cronies.

I have to admit, these are the last people I expected to be hearing from as I assumed the entire introduction to the film was fictional and that all these people were actors! Apparently not. Borat’s village is actually a village in Romania called Glod, where real gypsies live in poverty. Nicolae Staicu, leader of this group, had this to say: “These people are poor and they were tricked by people more intelligent than us… They took one of our 75-year-old ladies, put huge silicone breasts on her and said she was 47. Another man they filmed to look like the poorest person in the world, and one of our men who is missing an arm had a plastic sex toy taped to his stump.” He insists that the locals were each paid $3.30-$5.50 to appear on film, and were told it would be a documentary, then encouraged to perform crass acts. Crazy. This backlash is really getting out of hand, but the irony is that all these people are only helping to generate more publicity for the film. Will any of these lawsuits actually pay off?

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  • Zedd

    Wow, if this is true then I have to say that really is a breach of ethics…. yikes.

  • Phil

    Wow…a rich English/American audience laughs at poor people, all the while the prankster makes millions.

    You know the sequel, right? “Borat goes to Africa.”

  • Even if no one else gets compensation I hope these people do. If anyone deserves it, they certainly do.

  • manic panda

    most film extras don’t get any money :/

  • Krown

    I’m a fan of borat, but seriously can we stop with the borat news. People are suing, we get it.

  • Henrik

    You can’t sue because you’re a moron. Take responsibility for your actions. Nobody forced you to put a dildo on your stump of an arm, and you should have the brain power to realize maybe this is not a serious look at poverty in Romania.