Arnold for James Cameron’s Battle Angel?

Everyone seems pretty interested in seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the big screen sooner rather than later, because let’s face it… “The Governator” just isn’t as entertaining a concept as it used to be, and the current crop of wrestlers turned action movie stars just aren’t cutting it as far as I’m concerned. Well now Moviehole has an intriguing inside tip regarding what Arnold’s next movie project may be.

It seems that James Cameron wants Arnold to star in his Battle Angel Alita film, based on the popular anime, where he will fill the role of cyborg Ido. In fact, Cameron is so set on getting Schwarzenegger for the flick that he decided to push back production of the movie in order to wait for him to finish his term in office (which explains why Cameron has started to move forward with other projects in the meantime). Still, I don’t know, this report does seem a little fishy to me. Last we heard, Schwarzenegger had turned down the chance to appear in Terminator 4, and now he’s going to jump into another cyborg role? Then again, the one important thing that Battle Angel has over T4 is obvious: James Cameron. So who knows, maybe we’ll see the two hooking up again soon after all. Now that would be something to look forward to.

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  • Chopper

    it would be interesting to see how Arnie and Cameron can work after just a long time away from each other. especially arnie. at least its not going to be a sequel of any kind so hopefully it will be fresh looking, then again, i am sure that people will say this is a Terminator flick anyways.

  • manic panda

    I hate when they make movies of things i love, because then it forces one to go all fanboy. The Battle Angel manga and movie are beautiful things.
    I fear this project.
    Ido isn’t a cyborg, he’s a rather frail lanky human doctor genius who scrounges the trash planet for robot parts. He finds Alita, rebuilds her and acts as her father and mentor in the ways of bounty hunting.

  • Patroklos

    Arnold probably wouldn’t make a very good thin, blonde, brainy, pure human doctor, but he might make a pretty rad grizzled cyborg motorball champion. I’d pay money to see him cast as Jashugan!

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  • tp ne

    -Over rich and decades stale James Cameron stands
    accused of receiving massive financing, support and
    market favors from the most awesomely genocidal regime in human history—across the Pacific.

    James Cameron is feeding the circle-jerks of the comfort-zone a worthless loop of techno-wampum slop
    to keep consciousness away from any reckoning with
    the looming reality of 70,000,000 ‘missing’ people.

    James Cameron has not only betrayed whatever ‘art’
    he ever had —James Cameron’s betrayed humanity
    at a most critical moment.

    Again -that latest figure is 70—million!
    -and STILL counting…


  • ronnie

    Arnold has exactly NO place in the battle angel Alita movie!

    His presence would totally kill the “soul” of the battle angel universe…

    It doesn’t need an heavily Austrian accented actor!