Playing Video Games In A Movie Theatre! (In Belgium)

In these days of dwindling box office numbers, theatre owners are always looking for new ways to fill seats, whether it be projecting sporting events and pay per view wrestling on the big screen, or in this case… video games. Starting on November 18th, a Kinepolis theatre in Brugge, Belgium will be offering customers a chance to play Playstation 2 games on the big screen through the use of their digital projection system. The cost will be 15 Euros ($19 US) for every half hour.

While it’s only available in Belgium at the moment, I can definitely see a service like this catching on here in North America. Even with the advent of big screen TVs at home, movie theatres will always have the edge on home theatre systems when it comes to size. And as everyone knows, size does matter. I wonder if this could be the second coming of arcades? The only thing I’m unsure about is how profitable it will be. Renting an entire theatre to a group of 10 friends seems like a bit of a waste for a theatre that can seat hundreds of people. Apparently there aren’t many people watching movies in Belgium on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons!

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  • Aaron Moore

    The IMAX in my city had a XBOX Halo tournament a year or so ago. Kind of similar. (I live in Regina, SK Canada)

    Although I’d see more people interested in a tournament then just renting 30min for 20bucks a seat. That’s my 2cents.

  • Zedd

    Actually, this is available in America. The Landmark Theaters in San Diego offer this service, but I seem to recall it being a bit expensive…. though my group of friends did consider have a Smash Brothers tournament there. :-)

    But, if people are interested try asking a Lanmark if any are around you.

  • Chopper

    this sounds retarded, i mean, why rent a whole theater for a few people to play video games. unless it was for a huge tournment or something like that, i can see it, but otherwise, NO!

  • This has been quite popular in Vancouver for a while now. One of the local independent cinemas has gaming nights twice a week where you pay a fee and play for hours on end. It seems to be fairly successful too. Not the kind of thing I’m into but I can see how gaming fans would like this.