Stanley Kubrick Lost Films To Be Produced

The late Stanley Kubrick is one of the most prolific and mysterious directors of all time, and I know that for a lot of people his final film Eyes Wide Shut left a bad taste in their mouth (and if you’re one of the people who thinks Spielberg mutilated A.I., that taste could be even worse). Fortunately, it appears that there is still more Kubrickian goodness yet to come… sort of. It seems that when he moved from Hollywood to London in 1961, a lot of things got lost in the shuffle, including some treatments and scripts for projects he had in progress at the time. Kubrick’s son-in-law Philip Hobbs recently stumbled across an 80 page treatment for a movie called Lunatic At Large, described as a “dark mystery thriller about an axe-murderer who has escaped from an asylum”. The film is now being pushed into production, with Christopher Palmer reportedly directing, and Colin Farrell being offered the lead role.

Other unfinished Kubrick scripts that have been discovered include Killer’s Kiss (“the missing link between A Clockwork Orange and The Shining”), The Down Slope (an American Civil War epic) and God Fearing Man (based on the true story of a priest who becomes a bank robber). So what do you think, is A.I. proof that they should leave Kubrick’s work alone? Or are you interested in seeing these stories on screen? Personally I think they sound pretty cool, but attaching Kubrick’s name to it would be a bit misleading. (Thanks to Henrik for the heads up on this one.)

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  • Jeff

    I’m wary of course, but keep in mind that Kubrick was no normal Director. He spent six years hoarding reference materials for his unfinished Napoleon biopic in his house and prepared everything for all his movies meticulously before even casting.

    Basically what I’m saying is that of any director to have posthumous work done, I think he would be one of the easier ones to do. Just get some eerie lighting, the no-shake camera on a dolly, and let the script carry the film.

  • Henrik

    This news has me totally split in half. On one hand I am very excited to see Kubrick movies. And I guess there is something to be said for somebody who is a fan of him, discovering a script and some production of his and thinking that the world needs to see this.

    On the other hand – will this be a Kubrick film? Obviously not. The fact that his son-IN-LAW, who I have a hard time imagining getting along with Kubrick himself, is behind all this makes it reak of speculation. I will see whatever movies they make of this opening day, but I am almost already convinced that I will be very disappointed and disillusioned.

    They probably should leave this alone. Stanley Kubrick is sadly dead, and like him or not, you have to admit that his movies are extremely unique and personal, and they are like an event even though they were released up to 50 years ago.

    If only Stanley Kubrick would rise as a zombie to make these films. The human race can spare a few bodies in exchange for more Kubrick movies.

  • I’m with Kubrick. I really want to see more of his movies but I’m concerned that they won’t be done to their fullest potential. Henrik put it well when he said that it won’t be a Kubrick film.

    Persoanlly, I liked A.I. But then, that’s just me.

  • Chopper

    my fav Kubrick flick is Full Metal Jacket for sure. and some of the lost films or scripts sound interesting and i would like to see them. of course it wont be a true Kubrick flick without the man doing it. they should let a young director take a stab at it, as long as they dont get Spielberg to do one, i mean look at that crap A.I.

  • Henrik

    Something that I totally don’t get and am surprised is not mentioned anywhere (incl. my own novel up there – I forget things sometimes) is that Kubrick has already made Killer’s Kiss. I doubt he would make a treatment for another movie called Killer’s Kiss, so either there’s something messed up with the press junkets or whatever, or these people who found the stuff don’t realize one of the movies has been made already.

  • A.I. was complete watered-down garbage. Kubrick and Spielberg mix like oil and water.

  • Talented Deviant

    I think that if the movies dont go very well, or isn’t even attempted then release it as a book. plus you dont even need to re-edit it, it will just look a little like a shakespere novel…

  • K. West

    Of course no one will be able to step into Kubrick’s shoes and make one of his films for him. However, I think it would be worth it to let some good directors handle his unfinished material. They ought not try to make them into “Kubrick Movies” but make their own statement based on his work.

    I think everyone’s being a bit harsh on A.I. It definitely lacked in many areas, but it still did a few wonderful things along the way.

  • C. Albright

    I’m very excited, I just watched Dr. Strangelove, Barry Lyndon, and Clockwork Orange. I’d have to say that it will be hard to be a director of a Kubrick script. As long as they don’t get an amateur, I’m cool with it…barely. I know I could direct it, though.

  • Jonathon Swift

    I am a huge Kubrick fan. I don’t know why everyone thought Eyes Wide Shut was so bad, I loved that movie. Anyway, I’m not sure about them doing this new movie. It sounds quite a bit like the Carpenter classic ‘Halloween’ and I think Kubrick has been gone far to long for people to really take note that this movie is coming from such a legend. I don’t think it will work. Kubrick’s unfinished work should have been left unfinished as soon as he died 11 years ago.