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Our good buddy Chian makes his return to podcast land this week as we discuss our most anticipated movie of the year: Borat! Hear our full review of the movie, plus discussion about the marketing of the film, the ethical questions it raises, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s next project. All this plus a good ol’ Trailer Trash hoedown, on this week’s edition of the Film Junk Podcast!

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  • Henrik

    Great show, but why is it so short?? Man.

    Very nice comeback for Chian, it seemed like the crazy was turned down a notch from some of the previous appearances.

    I was happy to hear you chose Gladiator, the most cliché’d fanboy-praised score of all time, for your Transformers dialogue. It’s a good score, but too many people praise it, it gets annoying. The only thing coming close to it is Pirates of the Caribbean. (I’m 90% sure it was Gladiator – if it wasn’t I’ll feel pretty retarded.)

    The Borat stuff… Not much controversy. I didn’t mind hearing the debate or whatever, but I am a little tired of the movie. I’m going to see it this afternoon probably, and I expect to laugh, but after that I’m pretty sure I need a break.

    If you were willing to drive around for two nights in a row to see Borat though, you should absolutely make an effort to see Babel. Even though it does not have alot of english dialogue, it is an absolutely amazing movie. My favourite this year.

    Didn’t you see the trailer for Will Smith’s new movie? He has done a movie where he plays a father. I’m a sucker for father/son-stories and I think Will Smith is very talented and very charming, so I’m pretty excited about this movie, even though it has the usual american “you can reach your dreams”-speech in the trailer. You should check it out here:

  • Henrik

    Ok so I just saw Borat. I thought it was extremely funny, though not a perfect movie.

    I did think about one thing that hasn’t been mentioned though: Should Sacha Baron Cohen get an oscar nomination for it? I think he may be worthy of one… At no point during the movie did it feel like a performance. Even though you know it’s not real, after spending 90 minutes with the character by the end he does feel pretty real.