Download Film Junk Podcast for October 30th, 2006

Welcome to the Halloween 2006 edition of Film Junk, where we share with you our 10 favourite comedic horror films (for those who like a good laugh on this evil holiday). Also on this week’s episode, we debut our sample Transformers promo for the M:I3 contest (the deadline has been extended until next week) and discuss Hostel 2, the Splat Pack and the Faces of Death sequel.

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  • TheSnowLeopard

    Only a few words were lost in this podcast.

    Now that you mention it, I can see how some may describe your voices as monotone, as if you were half-bored with your material. But to my ears, it sounds mellow, slightly jaded with a hint of nonchalance. That’s part of your appeal. No kowtowing fanboys here. You’ve seen it all before, and a movie has to fight hard for your attention, so when you do get a bit excited, it’s worth listening. Thats my take, anyway!

    Interesting Top 10. A videocast would have been a huge bonus.

    Faces of Death is sicko. I’d never watch it.

  • Interesting interpretation. The actual truth is i am in fact just half-bored.

    No, i’m kidding. Now if only the rest of the internet felt the same way you do…

    Trust me, it’s probably best the videocast didn’t work out. But we do have some plans for the future, so stay tuned! We’re just trying to figure out our strong points.