American Movie Stars Host Night of the Living Dead Screening on G4TV

As much as I’ve criticized G4TV in the past for their programming changes in the quest to become the next Spike, I have to admit, this Halloween special they’ve got planned is going to rule. They’ve recruited Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank (stars of what may be my favourite documentary of all time, American Movie) to host a special screening of Night of the Living Dead live from their front lawn in Wisconsin. Borchardt is, of course, a huge horror fan, and directed his own short film called Coven (NOT pronounced like “oven”). The special will air tomorrow night starting at 8 pm, and will also feature special commentary from George Romero, along with the TV debut of Mark’s short film I Blow Up, and clips from his new movie Scare Me. You can check out some hilarious outtakes from the promos for the Halloween special now over at the G4 site.

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  • Singe

    Has anyone ever called Mike at home?