Faces Of Death To Be Remade By Universal

Faces of DeathHere’s an interesting remake on the horizon. It seems as though Transformers: The Movie producer Don Murphy has his sights set on a modern version of the cult classic ‘shockumentary’ Faces of Death! According to Filmstalker (via TMZ), the film is set to be directed by J.T. Petty who’s film S&Man was recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. I for one am very interested in where they plan to take this. I remember watching the original Faces of Death when I was a kid and being both unsettled and confused at the same time. I’m proud to say that I knew the bear attack scene was a fake from the get go. And of course, as me and my cousin Jeff were watching the film in his basement, our Grandmother happened to drop by. Just as she enters the room to say hi and give us hugs…the cannabalistic Satanic ritual was on screen, with nude women rubbing blood all over themselves.

Grandma: ‘What are you guys watching?’
Me: ‘Faces of Death!’
Grandma: ‘What is that? Sounds scary!’
Me: ‘It’s a ‘shockumentary’ film that collects scenes of death and sets it to funny music! But don’t worry, most of it is fake! Well…except for the autopsy, animal slaughterhouse, suicides caught on film…but the electric chair scene was shot in the directors apartment! So no criminals were actually hurt in the making of this film. Only animals and depressed people.’

I’m guessing this is gonna turn into some high-concept piece of garbage. Some teenage kid (played by someone from Veronica Mars) finds a WEBSITE (modernized) called Faces of Death (only relation to the original) where he witnesses real murders live over the webcam (technology) and reports it to the authorities who don’t believe him. (‘Sherrif: Just like that last prank about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them?’) Either way, I guess it’s a good time for this seeing as torture is in with films like Saw and Hostel doing so well at the box office. What do you guys think? And most important, who should play Dr. Francis B. Gross, narrator and death expert? I’m thinking Nic Cage.

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  • We gotta get a hold of the Faces of Death DVD collection and watch it on Halloween. Either that or Banned From Television.

  • I’ve never even HEARD of this. Obviously, I’m going to search for it now.

  • Rudy

    Upon hearing that a faces of death remake was in the works, I thought it would be a newer compilation of all real death footage, instead of the mixture of theatrics and spliced original footage from the original installment. I would love to see something like that, but I doubt it would ever be released in theaters. At most, it would probably be a direct-to-dvd title. However, given the fact that the Faces of Death series has become sort of a legend, a film paying homage to the series in the way the upcoming film does may not be such a bad idea. The original film (with Dr. Gross) had an eeriness to it that was very unsettling when i first watched it as a child, and that same feeling of eeriness can be conveyed — and perhaps be given a new dimension — in the new film.