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This week we take a look at Sofia Coppola’s third feature film, Marie Antoinette, and discuss a number of recent news stories including the Wesley Snipes tax fraud situation and the high-def format wars. We also count down our top 5 worst horror sequels and dissect a handful of recent movie trailers. Tune in to this week’s show or suffer the unspoken consequences!

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  • Henrik

    What happened to the sound? All of sudden it sounds so professional. I totally dig it.

    The video ideas sound awesome. The top 5 would be great as a video. I’d love to see that. Don’t shorten the podcast though. Just delve deeper into the movies. It’s pretty fucking short as it is.

    My friend made me watch exorcist: the beginning and it was fucking bullshit. I don’t hold him responsible since he doesn’t know anything about movies, and at the end he was with me going “Turn that bitch into the devil. Show us something that proves this wasn’t made for 100$”. I can’t believe Stellan Skarsgaard was in that movie. I like him so much.

    You should review The Thing in the High Density format. Let us know if it made you appreciate the movie more. Or better yet – Full Metal Jacket.

    Your Marie Antoinette comments made it sound not like Romeo and Juliet, but Baz Luhrmann’s other movie Moulin Rouge. Where the music was all 20th century pop hits. Baz Luhrmann said it was needed for the story, to portray what the music would have sounded like to people back then. If they had been playing period music, you wouldn’t have had the experience of going to a cutting-edge club in Paris, which they needed to portray. It sounds like they did the same thing with Marie Antoinette, and it is a great device.

    I feel like I have been waiting my entire life to get to vote for Amadeus online. Whoever’s on the show next week should raise their credibility factor 5 times by renting Amadeus and watching it before making their top 5.

  • Henrik

    I know I already left a novel but I have to mention this as well:

    I like the new intro, but it’s not exactly ‘live’ from whatever city, Ontario is it? ;)

  • Well it was live when we recorded it!

    I don’t think this intro will become a regular thing. Still trying to come up with something better.

  • Henrik

    Do something equally bombastic and grandious. It made me laugh.

    You should be more worried about the sign-off though. I’m still voting for bringing back the “Keep it real… Cop a feel” deal you had going on awhile back.

    As yet another sidenote on my excessive comments: Today is actually F. Murray Abraham’s 67th birthday. It’s like destiny only it’s real!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Still listening to your podcast. Of the 3 I listen to each week, I think yours is becoming a favorite. Pretty serious but laidback discussion. Though there was something funny about the audio. It kept cutting out every now and then, so whole words would go missing from your conversation.

    I like the idea of video podcasts. DO IT!

    I dispair at all this interaction between filmakers and the internet community. Whatever happened to directors following their own vision?

  • Yeah I thought there might be a couple weird audio skips in the last podcast. I tried installing a different version of Windows XP last week and it seems to have made my computer slower. I guess I’m going to have to do a clean re-install over the weekend. Sorry about that… but thanks for the comments!

  • Big Al

    It could be because I’ve listened to a couple of weeks’ podcasts together but I’m kinda stuck by the impression that for a bunch of guys who review movies on a weekly basis – you sure haven’t seen many!

    Especially bizarre was the review of the Departed where only one of you (the guest no less) had seen Infernal Affairs. That’s no biggie but then to comment on it by *guessing* what it would be like and rating the remake above it … well that was a wierd moment.

    I haven’t seen the Departed yet (and any DiCaprio hater would tell you the dude can act when he wants to – see Baz Luhrman’s awesome Romeo + Juliet) and I too thought IA was a bit confusing… but an Asian *Action* flick? Couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a suspense cop thriller.

    With this in mind can I suggest that next week’s fan boy list the Top 5 films you haven’t seen? Maybe based on what we think you would have seen but would surprise us to discover you haven’t.

    Menwhile let me recomend some homework:

    Friday 13th Part 3D (but only if you can see a 3D screening (the BEST Jason movie beyond dispute).
    Taxi 1 & 2 (French oiginals)
    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and Old Boy
    House of Flying Daggers
    Human Traffic
    Blade Runner (no not part of the Blade series)
    Apocalypse Now
    Citizen kane

    (OK I’m taking the piss with the last 3)

  • Henrik

    “Taxi” is a must-see film? Dude that movie blows. It’s basicly one long car chase, BORING.

    If you love cars to the point that you thought “Fast and the Furious” was an awesome ride, you will like “Taxi”. If however, you are considering a career outside being a mechanic, you will find it boring and insignificant.

    Did they make a North American remake of “Taxi”? Oh man…

  • Henrik

    And these dudes actually reviewed Sympathy for Lady Vengeance not too long ago. But I guess it serves them right for erasing the podcasts at a blazing rate.

  • Hey Big Al,

    I haven’t seen Infernal Affairs because i’m general not a fan of Asian Cinema. I find the majority of it overly mellodramatic and hard to sit through. I especiall HATE anime. You will be glad to hear that i’m a fan of Chan-Wook Park and especially enjoyed Old Boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (both of which we’ve reviewed).

    As for your list, i haven’t seen 4 of the movies you’ve listed (taxi 1&2 (don’t mind Luc Besson but just haven’t been interested in seeing the films he’s produced, Wolfen – haven’t heard of it, House of Flying Daggers – anyone who follows this site heavily will know i’m not a fan of these films.)

    So for asian cinema, you’re probably best off visiting Twitch. But if you want to talk horror or documentary, i’m your man. But every film fan has his limitations and every listener is going to hold some film higher then others and be shocked to hear that the rest of the world doesn’t see it their way. I think john carpentter’s assault on precinct 13 is one of the best action exploitation films out there, and i LOVE escape from LA, but I don’t expect people to agree with me.

    Anyways, maybe we can get sean to put up some past shows so you can backtrack a bit and get to know us a little better.

    Keep listening!

  • As far as your homework goes, I’ve seen all except the Taxi films and Wolfen. I wasn’t aware that Infernal Affairs was a landmark film that every self-respecting movie fan has to see.

    I think we’ve seen a fair amount of stuff for a group of movie fans who do this non-professionally, but again, since we’re just movie fans and not movie critics by occupation it’s tough to go out of our way to see everything.