Halo Movie in Trouble: Fox and Universal Back Out

Well there’s going to be one smug Mr. John Campea over at The Movie Blog today, waiting to say “I told you so!”, but it does indeed look like he made a good call when it comes to voicing his doubts over the Halo feature film — particularly after they hired on first-time director Neill Blomkamp. Reports are coming in today that Fox and Universal, the two major studios backing the project have decided to get the hell out of the deal, leaving Peter Jackson and Microsoft holding the bag on a huge production that now has no distributor. It seems to be the escalating budget that convinced Fox and Universal to ditch the party, combined with an uneasiness about Neill Blomkamp’s lack of experience. Personally I was excited about Blomkamp’s potential on this film, but I have to admit that with rumoured projections of a $200 million budget, that is a lot of money to stake on a first-timer. According to Variety, the two studios tried to get Microsoft and the filmmakers to reduce their cut of the profits, but they refused to budge.

Needless to say, this could have disastrous consequences for the Halo movie. Fortunately, since all the FX work is being done at Weta, they will continue pre-production as they search for new distribution partners. The movie is essentially guaranteed money in the bank, even if Blomkamp totally blows it (although I don’t think he will). Someone out there’s gotta be willing to jump on board this one, but whether or not they will agree to $200 million remains to be seen.

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  • Henrik

    It’s probably going to be a bad movie, but I was excited to see what this guy can do with the visual effects. The work he has done so far has been huge. Everything I’ve seen has had extraordinary effects.

    I guess maybe they will slice the budget a little… But unless it has a huge budget and a Van Helsing-esque amount of effects there’s no way I would want to see this movie.

  • Chopper

    definitely not a good thing when studios pull out of a film. you never know, Fox and Universal may be kicking themselves if it turns out to be a hit.

  • My worse fears realized. God, this is going to suck.