Transformers Make Prime Speak Contest: Voting Now Open

Well, Michael Bay asked, and the fanboys have answered! The “Make Prime Speak” contest is officially moving on to phase 2, with 100 finalists chosen for the suggested line of dialogue that they think Optimus Prime should deliver in the Transformers feature film. It is now that the internet will truly shine, with the collective wit and intelligence of the entire human race coming together to decide on one ultimate phrase that will live on in our hearts forever. Okay, so I made fun of this stupid contest before and I’m not about to stop now. Seriously, so many of these submissions made me laugh out loud, this has totally made my night (a few were intentionally funny, most unintentionally). I can’t wait to see who wins! Some of my personal favourites include:

“Freedom is the right of all sentinet [sic] beings.”
“These pretzels are making me thirsty!”
“Now if we could just transform this war into a time of peace.”
“Are you a decepticon or a decepitcan’t?”
“In our search for relevance, we stumbled upon destiny.”
“The burden of leadership is its heaviest when you lead those you care about, but they help to bear the burden with you.”
“Alpha Trion said there’d be days like this.”
“My strength lay not in my metal body fellow Autobots, but in the mettle of my soul.”

How to choose amongst so many greats? Voting is open until October 23rd, with one vote allowed per e-mail address. Make your voice heard! This is your chance to truly shape the masterpiece that is Michael Bay’s Transformers!

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  • Henrik

    I vote for actually transforming the time from war to peace. That doesn’t seem on the nose at all.

    However, they made sure they weren’t obligated to use the line at all right? Even with these awesome suggestions I doubt they will use the winner…

  • Goon

    YTMND is spamming the site with “do a barrel roll” – (a reference to Star Fox) – would be funny to me, but doesnt stand a chance when you consider that they put it to thier own discretion.

  • Yeah, I think they can only get it into the top 10, where I’m sure it will be alongside “Autobots Roll Out!”, the obvious lame ass default choice. What a joke.

  • Henrik

    What is YTMND?

  • I was beginning to think that I was the only person in the bloguverse who found this “contest” to be as silly as it is.

    But really, it’s only the tip of the cheesy Transformers iceberg. If anyone’s interested, take a look at some other reasons that this movie is doomed to be the Snakes On An Intergalactic Warring Robot of 2007:

  • YTMND is You’re The Man Now Dog… a website community built around hilariously bad webpages with big graphics and sounds on loop. Kind of hard to explain, but just check out the original:

  • Chopper

    i dont like this movie, i hope that it bombs!!!