Warren Ellis To Write Animated Castlevania Movie

If you’re like me and you’re a fan of the Castlevania video games but feel a sense of dread about the upcoming Paul W.S. Anderson Castlevania movie, here is a bit of news that may yet bring joy to your heart. Konami have licensed out the animated rights for the game franchise to Panacea Entertainment and Project 51 Productions, who will be creating a Castlevania direct to DVD feature film and a TV series. While the TV series is being aimed at kids and has been described as “Castlevania Jr.”, the animated feature film is going to be for mature audiences, with higher production values and may even end up on the big screen.

The most exciting part of this announcement for me personally is the fact that they have recruited legendary comic writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, Planetary) to pen the movie. Artist James Jean will serve as art director. I was a little worried that they would go in a full anime direction with this thing (it is a Japanese franchise after all), however, chairman and CEO of Panacea Entertainment Eric Gardner, had this to say: “I think there will be anime elements of it, but it’s going to be more hints of anime as opposed to traditional, full-blown anime… we’re hoping it has a very distinctive, unique style that’s instantly recognizable as what will become the animated Castlevania brand.” There’s a lot of ways that this could go wrong, but I still think it has more potential than a Paul W.S. Anderson live action flick. I just hope this doesn’t end up being an Ultimate Avengers style disappointment.

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  • I hope this doesn’t go sideways! At least it sounds like they’re moving in the right direction with it.

  • Chopper

    they should have done a live action instead, then i would maybe interested in seeing it.

  • Prissian Lappay

    im a castlevania fan, so i hope the movie will be finished soon… if u want a soundtrack of the movie, i have made one for you.. just tell me.

  • Link

    If it does go ahead any ideas on the characters that will be featured? (Feel free to mail back)

  • The Tabernacle

    No not animated please, i know what it will look like.
    Remember the animated mortal kombat released after the movie? With Scorpion throwing is spear that wrap around the other character?
    I just imagine the character…. “I’m Simonnnnn Belmonnnnnnnt”
    No, really a animated movie is a bad idea.