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This week on the show we gear up for Halloween with a review of the horrifically bad The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and countdown our top 5 horror movie sequels. We also discuss the entire cast of Dallas being fired, Bon Cop Bad Cop overtaking Porky’s as the most successful Canadian movie ever, and dissect some new trailers. Gas up your chainsaw and join us for a nice home cooked meal, won’t you?

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  • Henrik

    Cool show, not much controversy in this one.

    The next top 5 is a total cop out though… Really.

    I never hated October before, but this horror-craze is out of control. It makes people review crappy movies that they don’t really want to see.

  • Lance

    Jay should be deported, he doesn’t like hockey.

  • I own a copy of NHL 07 for the 360…that’s gotta count for something.

    And I do have a favourite player…John McClane.

  • Henrik

    There’s a hockey player named John McClane? He’s my favourite as well.

  • Yes. He’s on the New Jersey Devil’s. Or was. I don’t know, that’s not important. The important part is that he is good at killing the bad guys.

  • Lance

    just jokes. but i did have a question jay you mentioned that the orignal Cinematographer worked on the remaked but according to imdb thats not true.

  • Lance


  • Henrik

    I thought you were just going to list the same bunch of movies for this week’s top 5. I see you changed it. Who made that list? What the hell is up with putting ‘Hannibal’ up there? Seriously, that movie is awesome. Even though there are plenty of people who hate it for not being Silence of the lambs don’t listen to them. ‘Hannibal’ is a twisted, dark satire flick. I don’t know why you would even call it a horror movie. It’s a romantic movie! It plays like a love story between Hannibal and Clarice. It’s refreshing, daring, edgy, twisted and has some pretty fucking memorable images like boars, the guy with the half-eaten face and somebody getting hanged with his intestants flying out. Come on…

  • I do like Hannibal personally… it won’t be on my top 5 worst list!

  • Henrik

    Another thing about Hannibal.

    Hans Zimmer’s version of “An der Schönen blauen Donau” starting out normally, and going further and further out and becoming more and more twisted when the victim tells his story… Good.

    And his score for the opera… Insane good.