The Entire Cast of Dallas Gets Canned

Well it looks like a safe bet that the Dallas movie won’t be hitting theatres any time soon. Variety reports that New Regency has sent the entire cast packing, with the exception of John Travolta who will still star as J.R. Ewing. Among the actors receiving pink slips were Shirley MacLaine, Katie Cassidy and Luke Wilson (who apparently signed a contract that still guarantees him money anyway). Meg Ryan, who was in talks to replace J. Lo, is apparently now out of the picture as well. Director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham, Bride & Prejudice) may remain on board, but she will make her final decision once a new cast is assembled. Apparently she was not happy with the cast, and the decision was made to scrap them after a focus group responded poorly to all except J.R.

You know, I haven’t been too excited about this movie from day one, and if they’re going to suffer such a major setback like this you’d think they would re-evaluate whether the movie is worth making at all. How often does an entire cast get fired from a film? I guess their new plan is to approach actors who will cost less, in an effort to reduce the film’s $65 million budget. Well, here’s a tip for saving money… don’t fire actors who will still get paid even if they don’t appear in the movie!

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  • Chopper

    this whole movie should be canned, this is more of a made for tv thing if anything.

  • I’m with you and Chopper. They should just can this movie.

  • i’m waiting to see it turn into a gold mine as did the star treks as they went on to greatnes,just keep william shatner the hell out of the directors chair.hurry up i miss that rotten bastard!john would make an exellent choice for jr,