Bon Cop Bad Cop Becomes Most Successful Canadian Movie Of All Time

A few months back we posted about the trailer for a Canadian buddy cop movie that, in my opinion, looked embarassingly Canadian and mostly unfunny. The movie was called Bon Cop Bad Cop and involved a serial killer who was hunting down professional hockey players. The post inspired a rash of people to come to to the defense of the movie, claiming that it was indeed hilarious and one of the best Canadian movies ever made. Well I guess all those people must feel vindicated with this next bit of news. Rodney over at The Movie Blog informs us that Bon Cop Bad Cop has now surpassed Porky’s as the most successful Canadian theatrical release of all time. Of course, I’m guessing that has something to do with the fact that it also probably got the widest release of any Canadian movie I can remember in recent years. While the rest of the world probably doesn’t care at all about this news, I have to say it’s pretty sad that Porky’s of all movies represented the pinnacle of Canadian cinema for like 24 years. And now that Bon Cop Bad Cop is on top, I don’t feel any better about it. Even more disturbing… the box office record for a Canadian produced film is now a measly $11,355, 487. For shame. Now the question is… will Bon Cop Bad Cop be dethroned by the Trailer Park Boys movie? One can only hope.

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  • John

    That’s funny, I thought The Wild, which was a Canadian production (albiet distributed by an American company) and made $90,000,000 reins as #1. Why aren’t animated movies counted as actual “movies” in this country?

  • I don’t know much about The Wild, but i’m assuming you’re referring to the fact that maybe the animation was done here in Canada. That doens’t make it a Canadian production. A large number of Hollywood films and television shows are also shot in Canada, but that doesn’t make them Canadian. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that make the Star Wars prequels Australian films?

  • Diss Porky’s at your peril, Sean.

    I wonder how they go about determining a production’s nationality. For example, Porky’s was shot in Florida by an American director yet it’s considered Canadian.

    Oh, and John, if worldwide box office determined who would come out on top in Canada, then Porky’s would still beat out The Wild at over 160 million, and that’s not even taking into account inflation. The statistics they’re looking at are Canadian box office receipts.

  • roy

    Most of the money was made in Quebec, with $9 million in ticket sales coming from within the province. That means it only made $3.36 million outside Quebec. Which ain’t all that great.

  • roy

    Sorry for the math. It made $11.36 million in total, so it only made $2.36 outside of Quebec, even less impressive for Canadian cinema.

  • Chopper

    Porkys is still the better movie it was surpassed or not. its a classic and i guess we are still waiting for the Howard Stern remake of it.