Stan Bush Dares To Contribute Song To Michael Bay’s Transformers Movie?

I had to laugh a little when I first read this story, but I’m reserving final judgment on it until a later date. Essentially it sounds like 80’s rocker Stan Bush, known for his hit songs “Dare” and “The Touch” from the original animated Transformers movie, will be contributing a song to the upcoming Michael Bay live action flick as well. Bush e-mailed a Transformers fan site to let them know that he’s currently in the studio with his producer, and that the song they are working on currently features 70+ tracks. Something tells me that it’s going to be hilariously bad, but I guess I shouldn’t doubt the guy without hearing it first… after all, his music is almost synonymous with the Transformers in a lot of people’s minds. It is surprising though, considering that they’re trying to distance themselves from the cartoon in so many ways. Hey, at least they’re not recruiting Nickelback to redo the theme song or something right!

An even weirder rumour coming from the same post over at Transformers Live is the fact that the voice of Bumblebee will be “based off of various songs”. What the heck does that mean? He only talks through his car stereo? He speaks using lyrics from songs? Man, this just keeps getting better.

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  • Yeah. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was “Who?”

  • You may not know his name, but I’m sure you know the song “The Touch”. Mark Wahlberg also sang it in Boogie Nights.

  • Chopper

    who the hell is this guy, i never heard of this guy at all, i dont know if i even heard these songs that he sang. this transformer movie is getting worst and worst. thumbs down!

  • M

    “Worst and worst”?


    If you don’t know “The Touch”, you don’t know the original Transformers movie. Sure the song was made famous as the horrible ballad Wahlberg sings in Boogie Nights… but in the original TF flick, it’s just as hilarious.

  • Jason

    Homage to the past!

    This news brings hope that the film won’t be insulting to the fans that have stayed with the Transformers since the begining. Changing Bumblebee. Longnose, flaming Optimus. Megatron a cybertronian jet. Not from Cybertron, but Mars. What is this?!? RobotJox?!? Cullen as Prime! Stan Bush doing music! Now that’s The Transformers! Only better news would be Vince DiCola joining in!

  • Joe

    I think the movie is going to be terrible; I’m sure they’ll reject the song because it won’t suck enough. It feels like the Transformers have been dead for a long time, through all the bad reincarnations: Beast Wars, etc. It’s hard to keep my hopes up for this but we’ll see.

    I predict Stan’s music will kick too much for them to use it. It’ll distract everyone from the bad CGI!

  • jl

    this upcoming movie shall only the beginning of all necessary improvements. honestly, i dont see the robots attractive as they are all steel in colour if compared to animated – colourful robots. i suggest it is better to make it animated 3D

    add in Stan Bush and Vince DiCola

    The Touch, Dare, Dare to Be Stupid, Instrument of Destruction, Nothing’s gonna stand in our way, all these are suitable songs ;)

  • Mason

    if u don’t know stan bush but know transformers then u suck! he performed 2 great songs for Transformers The Movie and now he’s back 4 thie live action movie, thumbs up! i think it’s gonna be a great movie.