Stallone To Write, Direct and Star in Rambo IV: In The Serpent’s Eye

We’ve been hearing reports for a while about a 4th Rambo movie being in the works and I was always hesistant to take them seriously. There was even a teaser poster released a while back (see attached picture) that looked suspiciously like a fan mockup. But there are reports across the web today insisting once again that Rambo IV is indeed a reality, with Sylvester Stallone attached to write, direct, produce and star in the film. The movie will be called Rambo IV: In The Serpent’s Eye, and will find John Rambo being recruited by some missionaries in Burma to protect them on a humanitarian mission. When some of the missionaries are taken prisoner by a Burmese warlord, Rambo must assemble a team of mercenaries to rescue them.

Once again it sounds like Sylvester Stallone is taking his career into his own hands, and anyone who rolled their eyes about the new Rocky movie is probably giggling about this one too. I have to admit, an aging Stallone doesn’t work quite as well in this role as he does in another Rocky film. However, I would love to see a revival of the 80’s action flick (as we’ve discussed before on the podcast) and if this is true to the style of previous Rambo flicks then it could be interesting. I just hope it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Thoughts?

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  • Chopper

    if they are going to revive the 80s action flick, i think that they should do a big ass movie with some of the 80s stars that made some of the big flicks in that decade. get Norris, Van Damme, Murphy, Stallone, Arnie together for a crazy ass action flick.