Michael Bay To Remake More Horror Movies

It looks like Michael Bay is at it again, and his Platinum Dunes production company has just signed a 2 year deal with Universal Pictures with the intention of remaking even more classic horror movies! Oh goody! You know, I haven’t actually seen any of the remakes he has produced yet, not even the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake so I guess I can’t really complain. But it sounds like nothing is sacred to them as far as cult classics are concerned. In addition to the Friday the 13th remake that’s on the way, they are also talking about redoing Near Dark, The Hitcher and The Changeling.

While these may be ripe for remakes in the sense that general audiences probably haven’t seen many of them (I haven’t seen any of them myself), I do know that they are widely respected films in horror circles and this is sure to draw a lot of complaints from horror fanboys. Near Dark in particular is held by many to be the greatest vampire film ever made. Music video director Samuel Bayer will be taking on Near Dark, while (gasp!) another music video director by the name of Dave Meyers is slated to helm The Hitcher. No word on who they have in mind for The Changeling. Personally I’m most curious to find out what’s up with Bay’s rumoured remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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  • I guess I’ll have to add Near Dark to the movie rental list. Bugger! Too many movies and not enough time!

  • Chopper

    i have seen the original of Near Dark and The Hitcher, and i dont see any need for a remake for those flicks. as for The Birds, dont touch it, its a classic and it should be left alone.

  • rick

    this movie was in the can august 12th 2006 and u write in an article in october 2006 that theyre talkin about it?dude it was done before u ever heard anyone talk about it ,slowpoke lol