Friday The 13th Remake Still Happening?

As October approached and we failed to hear any news about the Friday The 13th remake that was supposedly planned for release on October 13th, I have to admit, I was a little sad thinking that the project was just going to be abandoned over a stupid legal dispute. As much as I’m generally uninterested in all these damn horror remakes, a Friday The 13th one would at least be a fun Halloween event, and a re-invention of a true horror icon that everyone is familiar with. Plus they were talking about Corey Feldman having a cameo in it too, and that’s just too awesome to give up on!

Fortunately it looks like there’s still hope for the project, according to a scooper over at Bloody Disgusting, who says that producer Andrew Form told him they are now aiming for a July 2007 release date. A quick glance at my calendar confirms that there is indeed a Friday July 13th in 2007! Hmm… well it’s too bad it won’t be in October, but I’ll still definitely check it out. The other good news is that they are dead set on keeping an R-rating for the film… “no PG-13 bullshit for Jason Voorhees”. Amen.

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  • Chopper

    i havent seen any of the friday the 13ths in years and i wouldnt mind seeing a remake of this at all, especially if mister feldman is making an appearance.