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This week on the podcast Sean reviews The Science of Sleep, we take a look at our top 5 most controversial movies, and we discuss Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Russell Crowe as Steve Irwin, and Screech’s sex tape, plus we serve up a good old-fashioned trailer trashin’. Grab this week’s episode below and then shake what your mother gave you.

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  • Henrik

    I’m happy that you mentioned Clockwork Orange, at no. 1 no less. When you said it was going to be based on personal experience I was worried it would not be mentioned. It’s an awesome movie, one of my favourites of all time. A movie I was surprised none of you mentioned based on your criteria was Fight Club. It’s fairly recent, and wasn’t there a big controversy because it was released shortly after Columbine, and alot of people were pointing to Fight Club as an example of what may cause school shootings etc? Anyway, certainly all of you were alive when it came out, so I was a little surprised.

    Even though you may like horror Jay, I still have faith in you. It seems that everytime you guys touch on a movie that I think is over-rated and I’m worried that I will have to sit through more praise of, you always pierce through the fabric of the movie and dryly say “I wasn’t that big a fan…” Like eternal sunshine. And also, I liked the first two Scary Movies.

    I can not believe you took my suggestion, I feel so legitimate in my fanboydom. This is going to bite you in the butt because the more you reach out the more retards looking for legitimacy you attract!

    Btw. I totally would call the show should I be deemed worthy. I’ll even fit you into my busy schedule of basicly going to work every other day, sitting around on my ass watching movies and eating pizza. That would be a blast.

  • Goon

    Yahoo Serious in Drop Dead Fred? nope, that was Rik Mayall, known at least to me mainly from the UK television show the Young Ones from the 80s