Movie Theatre Closes For Two Weeks Due To Lack of Good Movies

Here’s a hilarious story that I read about over at involving a movie theatre owner who decided to shut down business for 2 weeks because he thought there were too many crappy movies out right now! Seriously, how awesome is that… now that takes balls. It’s a little unclear whether Greg Boardman (owner of the Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, Illinois) felt that the current crop of films would not be profitable enough for him to make it worth staying open, or whether he just personally disapproved of all the movies that studios were offering up as of late. He also apparently runs an art house theater, so he’s obviously aware that there are some high-brow alternatives out there. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about running a movie theatre to tell if this guy is smart or just trying to attract some attention for himself. After The Covenant led a three year box office low just a few weekends ago, you have to wonder if more theatre owners are blaming Hollywood for any financial woes they may have. What do you think, was this guy justified in taking action like this? And will we see more of this type of thing happening in the near future?

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  • HAHAHA. That’s hilarious! I’m not sure if it’s feasable but pretty funny!

  • Chopper

    i would have to agree with this guy, there has been alot of crap out lately. thank god The Departed starts this weekend and we are getting into the oscar season releases of good movies, or we hope that they are good.